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IP CCTV Cameras

Transmitting and storing CCTV images using the IP protocol, widely used on computer networks is the basis of IP CCTV. It is a technology that brings integration and infrastructure advantages, over legacy analogue CCTV systems that rely on dedicated coaxial cabling.

As an independent security specialist, we install and support a wide range of IP CCTV products from leading manufacturers including:


IP CCTV systems do not require local recording, they can transmit images across local or wide area networks and the Internet to a central location. IP CCTV cameras can be viewed and controlled by remote devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Image quality

IP CCTV offers superior image quality with Megapixel resolution, meaning that even in low light faces are identifiable and the images are crystal clear. A single IP CCTV camera can cover the area of several traditional cameras.


IP CCTV in the long term is much more cost-effective than traditional analogue cameras. Initial deployment is easier and it can be continuously upgraded with ease as the software becomes more sophisticated.

Easier installation

IP CCTV systems can run over existing wired or wireless IP networks. This means the installation of IP CCTV systems can be installed with less disruption and reduce installation time. IP CCTV cameras use a single cable for camera control, data, audio and power.


IP CCTV can be integrated with other security applications and IT systems to provide centralised building management control. Data from other security devices and from business systems can be directly associated with IP CCTV images to Cost-effective a comprehensive to provide full ‘situational awareness’.