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Closed Circuit Television Lighting Solutions

Light is fundamental to CCTV surveillance. Without light, no images are possible as it is the light reflected from the world around you that makes the world visible both to the human eye and to the CCTV camera.

The performance of any CCTV system depends not only on the essential components of the camera and lens, but also relies totally on the quantity, quality, and distribution of available light.

Light determines whether a subject can be viewed at all, at what distances and the quality and direction of the light controls the appearance of the subject. Without light and illumination, CCTV is completely ineffectual.

A key decision facing CCTV Systems is to choose whether colour or monochrome images are preferred at night. In many instances colour may be preferred over monochrome but expert advice is needed to provide true colour with a colour corrected illuminator. Using incorrect White-Light can actually damage the performance of a CCTV system leading to inaccurate colour rendition. Our expert advice will ensure you have the optimum lighting for surveillance requirements.

AlertSystems offers a complete range of Infra-Red and White-Light LED illuminators for CCTV and general lighting applications.

All of our low energy illuminators utilise the latest technology to improve the performance of any security system at night. Illuminators provide excellent CCTV images and reliable illumination, as well as significant savings on energy, CO2, running and labour costs.