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March Networks VideoSphere Site Manager

VideoSphere VMS

VideoSphere™ SiteManager from March Networks® offers a superior solution for the management of networked digital video systems, thanks to its powerful and intuitive interfaces. SiteManager’s programming and control capabilities provide the highest security for wide area applications, such as large city-wide traffic monitoring networks, and small to medium surveillance systems, including those used in bank branches and retail stores.

Key features

  • Full remote video viewing and remote control of multi-server and hybrid recording environments
  • Comprehensive video searching, viewing and exporting features
  • Customizable virtual desktop with drag-and-drop interface
  • Site plans for rapid identification of incident locations
  • Independent video windows for live viewing and camera playback
  • Adaptive video streaming depending on network bandwidth
  • Full multi-vendor PTZ control an management
  • Configuration and monitoring of all video analytic applications


SiteManager is an advanced client used to access an unlimited number of cameras, servers or devices in a digital, multi-site CCTV installation. The software delivers full remote control of all networked VideoSphere IP cameras, recorders and encoders and supports a range of intelligent video analytics available in the VideoSphere portfolio.

Sophisticated Alarm Monitoring

SiteManager offers sophisticated alarm monitoring to help operators respond effectively during critical situations. Real-time processing means that several alarms can be handled simultaneously with pre-programmed actions for video, audio and event data, as well as camera display and spot monitor camera sequences. All activity is recorded in an innovative, interactive table, providing a record of events that link to the relevant video sources such as a camera. An unlimited number of events and associated responses can be configured to automatically notify operators of the corporate procedure to follow on a specific alarm.

Panoramic Viewing

Panoramic viewing allows users to monitor wide scenes by stitching views from multiple cameras together. Individual camera streams are combined by importing them into a virtual canvas and organizing them through a point and- click interface.

Video Wall Management

The VideoSphere Edge Decode Station is a powerful video decoder and display monitor control device that supports up to 64 video streams on analogue or digital monitors. It is a cost-effective and efficient device that offers unlimited video wall management for operations control centres. For more information, see the VideoSphere Edge encoders and decoders datasheet.

Site Map Overlay

SiteManager can import two or three-dimensional maps of the monitored locations, providing virtual replications of the environments with zoom functions and navigation. Interactive icons for cameras, alarms and auxiliary outputs are overlaid on these sitemaps to provide users with intuitive system resource management and an outstanding overview of their monitored locations.

PTZ Camera Controls

Multi-vendor PTZ control protocols are fully integrated within SiteManager and are exceptionally responsive to user commands. All camera movements, focus and aperture functions are easily controlled using a mouse, a PTZ panel interface or a joystick keyboard. Guard tours and PTZ presets can be configured remotely and applied to specific events.

Rapid Image Retrieval

SiteManager provides a simple point-and-click interface to view recorded images chronologically by camera along a dynamic timeline that scales from seconds to weeks. Instant replay permits rapid image and video clip retrieval, and clicking on the desired camera displays a high resolution view in a separate window. Synchronized playback permits replay of an entire site so that the movements of individuals can be followed across multiple cameras at the same time.

Smart Search

SiteManager’s smart search capability uses visual intelligence with activity filters to identify specific changes within a scene. The software automatically identifies the archived video footage, allowing the user to quickly pinpoint the most relevant recordings within a specified period.

Data Integration

Data integration with external devices such as point-of-sale (POS) terminals, automated teller machines (ATMs) and gas pumps enables the use of keyword searches on imported text to quickly drill down on suspicious transactions and link them to the relevant video footage.

Multi-Streaming Encoding

SiteManager supports multiple compressed video streams from each IP camera, encoder or hybrid recorder connected to analogue cameras. A sophisticated, adaptive transmission algorithm automatically selects the appropriate stream to maximize available network bandwidth. For example, each video stream can be configured for frame rate, quality and resolution so that 2 Mbit; D1 could be used for real-time recording, 256 Kbit; CIF for an ADSL connection, and 10 Kbit; QCIF for wireless cellular networks. A manual override capability lets users select the parameters required for a specific application.

System Management

SiteManager incorporates March Networks’ industry-leading Enterprise Service Manager (ESM) to manage the maintenance, user rights and health monitoring of any number of VideoSphere Video Management System (VMS) servers and hybrid recorders. It provides large and multi-site organisations with centralized, complete and secure control of their entire video surveillance infrastructure, and is especially suited to large hybrid deployments.

Remote Setup

RemoteControl is a programming applet used to set-up and configures servers in an open platform VideoSphere VMS environment. IP and encoded analogue camera video streams, as well as PTZ controls, are also managed with any PC running the client. RemoteControl can be used independently or together with Site-Manager.

VisionWeb Internet Client

VisionWeb is a video viewing client used with Internet Explorer. With VisionWeb, authorized users can access network-connected VideoSphere IP cameras and encoders with a standard PC without the need for special hardware or software. Live video and audio, multi-screen views and PTZ control are available with this client.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The VideoSphere SiteManager SDK enables third-party software applications to interface with VideoSphere devices using common software platforms. ActiveX controls provide an intuitive interface for real-time camera views, complete with access to all recorded video and audio, PTZ camera controls, and remote alarm management and configuration. Administrator-assigned user rights remain in place to ensure a high level of access control and system security.

Work Station Requirements

Operating System (OS)Microsoft Windows® XP or later
Processor (CPU)Intel® Pentium® 4 running at 2.8 GHz or higher; 512 MB RAM
HDD SpaceFrom 50 MB to 112 MB, based on the VideoSphere applications being installed
Network InterfaceAny Windows-compatible 100 MB network interface or better
VideoAny video card (64 MB RAM or greater) compatible with Windows XP or later and capable of 24-bit colour depth (true color). The card must also be compatible with Microsoft DirectX® 8 or higher.
AudioAny sound card, speakers, and microphone compatible with Windows XP or later
Input DevicesAny keyboard and mouse compatible with Windows XP or later
Image and Video Export
Video ClipsNative.avi format (with embedded authentication seal) or re-encoded in mp4, ms MPEG-4 (v3) or analogueany other type of encoder (xvid, dvix) installed on a PC.
Standard streaming protocols (RTSP, RTP) permit video clips to be viewed with analogue media players.
A multi-camera view can configures in a single file for synchronized playback in SiteManager.
Still ImagesJPEG or BMP formats that include an embedded authentication seal
Storage DevicesCD, DVD and USB Memory
Image EnhancementBrightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and digital zoom