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Video IQ Analytics

VideoIQ is one of the leading innovators in intelligent video surveillance. VideoIQ’s award-winning IP surveillance cameras and encoders include some of the most advanced, adaptive analytics in the industry, onboard NVR storage and enterprise class video management.

VideoIQ also delivers a new standard in high definition surveillance, with zero bandwidth recording and full megapixel analytics.

VideoIQ has been in use since 2004 and their solutions are designed for use in projects such as theft and vandalism prevention, critical infrastructure protection, monitored video surveillance, wireless systems, and implementation at distributed locations such as ATMs or guard posts.

Typical projects include:

  • Utilities and infrastructure – mobile towers, water treatment, chemical and processing plants
  • Transportation – airports, ports, roads, bus and train stations
  • Government Infrastructure – buildings and borders
  • Commercial – Car dealerships, garages, warehouses and construction sites
  • Education – colleges, universities, playgrounds and schools