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There is an increasing demand for High Definition CCTV images. This can be achieved using IP technology and also through the use of HD CCTV cameras.

Because of its origins in broadcast, the definition and picture quality of HD-SDI footage is noticeably higher than a standard analogue signal. The technology has now been adopted by the CCTV sector because it has been designed with the sole purpose of providing High Definition footage over standard coaxial cable.

High Definition Serial Data Interface

With High Definition Serial Data Interface (HD-SDI) there is no need to extend a local-site IP network to each HD camera position and in most cases, the benefits of HD video surveillance can be delivered through the existing video coaxial cables. This makes it possible to easily upgrade CCTV cameras, one by one, to Digital HD surveillance with minimal disruption.

The key benefits of HD-SDI technology is the fact that the video signal is sent without any compression and without any latency, this means it offers some of the best ‘live’ views of any surveillance system.

HD-SDI CCTV can be installed as an entire system or as a Hybrid system when it can be combined with an existing analogue system.

As the HDSDI standard was developed for the TV industry it has been tested and products such as cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) and distribution hardware are being developed to be interchangeable. AlertSystems offer some of the leading HD-SDI CCTV cameras.