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March Networks Software

At the core of the March IP video solutions is March Networks Command. This is a browser-based VMS software application that delivers everything you need to manage, maintain and get the most from your video surveillance system.

March Networks Command supports 12 different recording platforms, more than 500 IP edge devices through a proprietary protocol, and more than 1,300_IP edge devices through ONVIF integration. It is also versatile and scalable, supporting a 4 to 128 channel recording platform or a video surveillance solution to handle as many as 10,000 recorders and 128,000 video channels.

March Networks Command is the only VMS solution to let you configure and manage your surveillance system from your browser. Command’s user management platform is designed with two main objectives in mind – easy setup and complete customisation. Different system users often have very different job responsibilities and need to use their surveillance solutions in distinct ways. A system administrator’s daily tasks are not the same as those of a guard, for example, and differ again from the responsibilities of a network administrator. To accommodate this, the Command interface allows users to tailor their view so they only see the features and functions they need to perform their job, without the distraction of additional capabilities. This unique customisation dramatically reduces a user’s learning curve.

March Networks Command is open and standards-based, Command works flawlessly with best-in-class IT servers and more than 2,000 edge devices through pre-integration, ONVIF compliance or both.

March Networks Command provides all the capabilities and convenience of a complete March Networks solution allowing the use of VMS software with March network recorders, high-definition IP cameras, encoders and embedded analytics. It allows for an easy and t cost-effective transition to IP video surveillance.

To accommodate different server environments, Command is available in three versions, each with the same powerful feature set, the same user interface, and the ability to scale as your organisation grows.