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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

If you’re looking for dependable, high quality, and accurate Automatic Number Plate Recognition software, our systems are renowned for their unrivalled accuracy and quality.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) uses innovative technology to help your business effectively monitor car parking, observe vehicles, and welcome visitors and staff onto your premises.  Also known as VNPR or LPR, automatic number plate recognition can help your business monitor vehicle movements, to not only maintain safety and security on site but to ensure workplace productivity is improved and your premises are effectively monitored.

Recent developments in ANPR technology have ensured accurate and precise imaging, helping your business to monitor vehicles on your premises even more effectively. The high-quality images captured by the ANPR camera have resulted in an increased demand for ANPR with many customers experiencing multiple benefits after installing these systems.

The ANPR or VNPR camera uses the latest technology to guarantee clear, high-quality images that help maintain security on your premises. The ANPR camera works by capturing a selection of images of an approaching vehicle and storing the images in a database. The vehicle’s registration number is converted into an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code by the software and stored for reference purposes. Multiple images of the vehicle can then be captured, taking the speed and position of the vehicle into account, to guarantee that the number plate has been captured clearly.

The clear images of the ANPR camera and the systems’ pioneering technology are what make the automatic number plate recognition system invaluable for your business. We have a vast range of products available, from automatic number plate recognition cameras and processors to monitors, all designed with your business’ needs in mind.

Cutting-Edge ANPR Software

The new and cutting-edge ANPR software employed in all of our ANPR cameras does not simply work to store records for your business’ reference but also allows you to match vehicle details with stored entries for effective monitoring of your premises. What’s more, our ANPR software allows you to search entries and information from particular dates, times, names or vehicle models to ensure that safety and security is maintained on your premises at all times.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our ANPR camera and ANPR software is suited to businesses of all sizes – whether you need to monitor a large-scale area with high levels of traffic or restrict access to particular areas, our automatic number plate recognition can cater for your needs. With the demand for systems such as these increasing significantly, they are no longer restricted to large-scale projects but are now available for a wide range of businesses.

The accuracy and clarity of the images recorded by these systems are reliant on the correct installation of the camera and lens, as well as adequate illumination, configuration, and the camera’s angle. With this in mind, our team of experts are highly knowledgeable in the field and can offer advice and guidance to ensure the system is working at its best for your business.

How Automatic Number Plate Recognition Can Help Your Business

Automatic number plate recognition has a range of applications for your business, whether you run an industrial estate, shopping centre, or hotel. With unrivalled accuracy, full graphical reporting, and sophisticated databases, our ANPR software and cameras offer the unbeatable technology you need to protect your premises. Available at competitive prices, these systems also offer a cost-effective means of offering security to your business and monitoring of your premises.

Our ANPR cameras and innovative software offer a wealth of features which make them unrivalled in the field. Offering complete vehicle recognition software, it has never been easier to monitor vehicles, manage car parking or restrict access to certain areas of your premises. Our VNPR systems offer an accuracy rate of 95-98% and can maintain this accuracy when vehicles are moving at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. With a sophisticated database, unrivalled accuracy rates and innovative technology, our automatic number plate recognition has multiple benefits for your business.

Our team of experts use their knowledge of how ANPR works to install and service your system so that it is working at its best for your business. Our team can tailor systems to your business’ needs, so whether you need to monitor car parking or manage high-volume traffic areas, our systems are the perfect solution for your business. If you have any questions about our high quality automatic number plate recognition systems or want to know more about the benefits that the systems can bring for your business, why not contact us today to find out more.