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How ANPR Works

ANPR is a technology that automatically reads vehicle registration marks (VRMs), allowing these details to be compared against database records.

An ANPR camera takes an image of a vehicle number plate; the image is passed to a reader, which locates the VRM and reads the letters and characters so that they can be identified using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. An image of the view of the number plate and/or overview camera is then saved and checked against the database.

ANPR data comprises “read” data and “hit” data. A read is the capture of the VRM and image of the vehicle as it passes through the camera view; read data is the term used to describe all the data collected as vehicles pass through the ANPR reader. A hit is a match to a VRM held within the database being searched.

Main Features of ANPR

  • Complete vehicle recognition solution
  • Proven recognition engine typically achieves 95-98% accuracy
  • Full accuracy maintained with vehicle speeds up to 120mps on all lanes
  • Captures rectangular, square, borderless and inverse plates (white characters on black)
  • Sophisticated database, full graphical reporting with full export and PDF print facilities
  • Full offence management facility and police BOFII interface included
  • Dedicated design with no PC to maintain – inexpensive to install and service
  • Memory card stores all records, so there’s no hard drive to fail
  • 8Gb card supplied typically records vehicles for 30 days (larger cards are available)
  • Internal UPS prevents record corruption due to power failure
  • Powerful yet simple touch screen interface provides access to all main features
  • Optional full screen display offers many additional features system configuration access
  • Front panel LCD display shows system status, capture events and actions taken
  • System can be extended up to 4 lanes with simultaneous real time capture on all lanes
  • Network capability can be added to build large systems of over 1000 traffic lanes
  • Telemetry control of all SNAP ANPR and overview cameras
  • Optional integrated driver intercom for each traffic lane
  • Comprehensive vehicle barrier/gate control using time schedules and groups
  • User-defined messaged for LED signs with group and time schedule control
  • Compatible with our renowned bollard and ANPR speed cameras
  • Serial data output for linking with DVR’s and other third party systems
  • Optional weigand interface available for integrating with access control systems