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SnapShot TrueANPR Camera

TrueANPR is our most popular is ideal for pole or wall-mount cameras with 40-metre range and optimal colour overview.

  • Short range version with 3-15 metre zoom range
  • Long range version with 15-40 metre range


  • Choice of 3-15m or 15-40m capture range
  • Perfect plate illumination under all lighting conditions
  • Optical filtering and fully adjustable pulsed infrared LED illumination
  • Ultra1/10,000th-second shutter speed freezes plates at any vehicle speed
  • Instant setup using the built-in keypad with auto-focus-on-zoom function
  • Video opto-isolator ensures perfect pictures by eliminating all hum (mains ground loops)
  • Remote telemetry from any of our SNAP Pro capture processors
  • Optional plug-in colour overview camera makes a neat dual-camera assembly
  • Cast Aluminium housing with stainless fixings