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Business Security System Installation and Support.
Call Sales Free: 0800 9882434

Buying a Security System from AlertSystems couldn't be simpler

Outright Purchase

We offer a straightforward outright purchase scheme. Our normal terms of trading are 50% deposit due with order, with the payment balance due upon completion of the installation. The price agreed will include installation, commissioning of the system and a comprehensive parts and labour warranty for the first year.

From the second year onwards we offer a range of service options to suit your requirements, including our All Inclusive Service Package, which is inclusive of parts and labour within the scope of our normal terms and conditions.

Lease Rental

Funding the purchase of your security system through a Lease Rental Package is an option many of our customers prefer. We can tailor the length of the contract to suit you, typically over periods between 36 months to 75 months.

We also offer our fully comprehensive All Inclusive Service Package as part of the deal, included within the Lease Rental Payments. This means your system effectively has a complete warranty, within our normal terms and conditions, for the duration of the Lease Rental contract.

All of our Lease Rental agreements are proposed through the services of Henry Howard Finance, an award-winning independent finance brokerage specialising in vendor finance schemes.