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BS EN 50133-7:1999


This European Standard has been established as a source of information for the managers and purchasers of access control systems as a guideline for the establishment of tenders and for the installers and the maintainers.

This European Standard mainly covers the people flow to, or in, Security Controlled areas and may also be used to control the flow of other things such as cars.


This standard provides guidelines for the application of an automated access control system and components in and around buildings based upon the EN50133 series of standards.

It covers system design, installation, handover, operation and maintenance of access control systems.

The guidelines are intended for access control systems for use in security applications.  They cover systems ranging from a simple single access point up to complex multiple access point systems.

An access control system is able to actuate and monitor access point actuators and sensors (apas). However, these guidelines do not cover the apas.

The access control system may be able to communicate with other systems (e.g. an intrusion alarm system).

This standard does not recommend whether or not an automated access control system should be installed in any given premises.

(Please refer to BSI Website)