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European Standard for Access Control Systems

Requirements of an access control system for use in security applications.

It also describes general components and environmental requirements.

When a part of an access control system (e.g access point interface) forms a part of an intruder alarm system, that part shall also fulfil the relevant requirements of alarm intrusion standards.

This standard addresses the security application for each access point.  An access control system may consist of any number of access points.

Different levels of confidence in identification of users requesting access at an access point have resulted in the definition of recognition classes.

The diversities of the market needs for access control systems have led to taking into account systems with or without logging or time logging.

Access point actuators such as electric door openers, electric locks, turnstiles and barriers are covered by CEN/TC 33 standards.


This standard specifies requirements for automated access control systems and components in and around buildings.

It includes:

  1. System architecture and general requirements of an access control system for security applications;
  2. Requirements for functions;
  3. Definition of the environmental and electromagnetic compatibility conditions;
  4. Requirements for communication of an access control with others, such as access point actuators and sensors, alarm system, etc

This standard does not apply to access point actuators and sensors.

(Please refer to BSI Website)