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Business Security System Installation and Support.
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Business Security Solutions

CCTV Systems

As an independent company, we offer a full range of leading CCTV solutions. Our CCTV systems are designed to meet your specific operational requirements and provide protection 24/7.

Take a look at some of the CCTV partners we work with and contact us for more information.

Access Control Systems

Controlling access to your premises for staff and visitors is now an essential business requirement to prevent loss and protect your staff. Access Control allows you to access specific areas within your business with a card, key fob or fingerprint.

Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems

Our qualified fire system design team can advise you on the latest in new fire detection and fire alarm systems.

They can also provide professional advice and recommendations to enhance your existing system and ensure your business complies with all current regulations.

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems are the most widely used security systems by business and commercial premises. They offer an affordable and highly effective mean of deterring unwanted intruders and protecting premises.

External Deterrent Systems

An AlertSystems External Deterrent System is a proven system to deter unwanted visitors to your premises. The system is specifically designed to protect external areas, such as yards, compounds and car parks from acts of thefts and vandalism by deterring would-be intruders before entering the premises.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Whether you require a keyholder or Police response, we offer a comprehensive range of Remote Monitoring options from simple Alarm Signalling solutions to full Visual Confirmation and support from a specialist Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC).

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Identification of vehicle movement entering and leaving the site is becoming an essential management and security tool for many businesses. You can not only log all vehicle movement but also control access permissions to site through barriers or automatic gates via the ANPR software.

Avigilon Solutions

AlertSystems are one of the UK’s leading independent providers of electronic security solutions and we are an accredited Avigilon Platinum Partner. Avigilon designs and manufactures industry leading High Definition (HD) surveillance solutions that are unrivalled.