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External Deterrent

When it comes to protecting business premises prevention is definitely better than cure. An AlertSystems External Deterrent System (EDS) is a proven system to deter unwanted visitors to your premises.

EDS Benefits

  • Saves management time
  • Reduces insurance claims and resulting premiums
  • Minimises the risk of downtime and loss of revenue
  • Provides reassurance to your employees

AlertSystems pioneered the industry’s first automated External Deterrent System. The system was specifically designed to protect external areas, such as yards, compounds and car parks from acts of thefts and vandalism by deterring would-be intruders before entering the premises.

Our External Deterrent System is widely regarded as the benchmark standard security solution for protection of external areas. British Standard BS 7992:2002 for Exterior Deterrent Systems was written using our product as the template for design and functionality.

The easy to operate External Deterrent System features the ability to re-set itself without the need for keyholders to attend the premises. The system will automatically escalate responses based on the activity on the site, for more details see how our EDS works. In the event of an alarm, business owners can be notified via an SMS message or email alert.

The External Deterrent System can be further enhanced with the integration of CCTV cameras, this product is known as External Dome Deterrent System (EDDS). The EDDS works by targeting the camera views to the area of the site where an incident has been detected.

The effectiveness of the External Deterrent System can be enhanced even further by integration with security lighting, Access Control systems and Intruder Alarms to provide a comprehensive security system.

AlertSystems are NSI GOLD registered installers, certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000. All our installations comply with British Standard BS EN 50132-7:1996 and BS 8418 where applicable.