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The AlertSystems External Dome Deterrent System

The AlertSystems External Dome Deterrent System takes the tradition EDS system to the next level with the integration of CCTV cameras.

The system is ideal for business with large external areas containing valuable assets such as heavy plant, vehicles, fuel storage tanks and stock.

The system is effective in deterring intruders even try to enter the premises. It removes the reliance and cost of manned guarding and with an automatic reset capability, you or your staff are not required to attend the site for every activation of the systems.

What does it do?

The External Dome Deterrent System is designed to operate with progressive ‘phased’ activations, each becoming more intense.

Stage 1 – Initial Warning

External detection sensors will be activated by the movement of intruders. At the first activation LED floodlights will instantly illuminate the scene, (if fitted to the system). At the same moment, the CCTV camera will now be displaying a view of the activated area of the site. If the intruders move around the site to try and evade the system a detection sensor the Rapid Dome Camera will instantly track this movement and display the new view.

Stage 2 – Verbal Warning and Alarm

Intruders who remain within the protected areas of the site will trigger the second stage which features a powerful “on-site” verbal warning. If the intruders fail to leave the premises loud external sirens are activated.

The system is now in Full Alarm Status. Prolonged activity, once the system has reached Full Alarm Status, will result in the system sending an Alarm signal directly through to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Following a pre-agreed plan, they will take the appropriate action.

If at any stage of the activation the intruders leave the site, the External Deterrent System will automatically reset itself.

To find out how your premises could benefit from an AlertSystems External Deterrent System contact us today.