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Avetta formerly known as PICS Auditing, is Avetta is a supply chain solution for organisations who need assurance that their service providers conform to industry Health, Safety & Environment standards in order to maintain a safe environment and minimise risk on site.

Avetta Accreditation

Avetta act on behalf of clients to undertake supplier vetting and approval through robust and thorough remote auditing of contractors’ systems.
To achieve ‘compliant’ status, contractors must pass a series of comprehensive Avetta audits covering all parts of their systems, which are tailored based on the specific works they wish to undertake.

Avetta’s pre-qualification and auditing services have become the standard in many industries, including chemical, construction, energy, telecom, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and pharmaceutical

Achieving the AVETTA accreditation primarily supports our work within the Aggregate and Construction Industry and is evidence that we operate to the highest industry standards.