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Remote Monitoring Security Solutions

A monitored security system provides complete reassurance and peace of mind that your premises are being actively protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Security system monitoring is often an insurance requirement for commercial premises and our monitoring services are provided by companies who are accredited to the highest National Security Inspectorate (NSI) standards.

monitored Intruder Alarm means that in the event of an alarm activation a highly trained operator will assess the situation and immediately take the appropriate action. This could be a call to the registered keyholders, or to the emergency services. A fast response is critical to reducing the risk of loss or damage. IF the system has been specified for a Police response an initial alarm signal is sent via the signalling device to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), if a second device is activated within 20 minutes of the first, the incident is upgraded to ‘confirmed’ by the ARC and at this point the police can be contacted.

Monitored External Deterrent Activation

In the event of an activation of monitored External Deterrent System, the standard lighting and verbal warning deterrents are deployed and if the intruders fail to leave the site a full alarm condition is generated. This results in a signal being sent to the ARC, where an operator will follow an agreed response plan and contact the keyholders.

Monitored systems reduce the risk of human error and are highly cost effective and efficient compared to manned security guards and mobile patrols. Monitored systems can also cover areas that would be inaccessible to manned guards. Costs for manned guarding are increasing rapidly due a number of factors such as the minimum wage, increased training requirements, statutory working hours and the need for all operators to be licenced.

AlertSystems offer a range of monitoring and signalling options for our External DeterrentIntruder Alarm and Fire Alarm systems.

Monitored CCTV surveillance systems allow the operator to control the onsite cameras to visually verify exactly what is happening on-site and record evidence of any criminal activity.

Monitoring can also be used to manage out of hours access to sites, including the operation of gates, turnstiles, barriers and lighting.