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CCTV Remote Monitoring & Police Response

Police services in the UK only respond to “confirmed” alarm signals from alarm systems allocated a Police Unique Reference Number (URN). The aim is to provide an effective response to genuine Intruder and CCTV alarms.

AlertSystems is a certified installer of Intruder and CCTV systems in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and will obtain URN for systems we have installed.

Monitored intruder alarms

All new alarm systems only qualify for a URN and Police response if the systems are installed in accordance with industry standard PD6662; incorporating BS EN50131 series, DD263, BS 8243 & BS 8473.

CCTV systems

To enable CCTV alarmed systems to gain a URN for Police response the system must comply with industry standard BS EN50132 series, BS8418, and the ACPO policy.

ACPO reviews Police response policy every 4 or 5 years; the aim is to continue to reduce the number of false alarms attended by the Police. If you are considering a Police response, we will advise you on the most appropriate system for your specific requirements.

Levels of Police response

Level 1 – Immediate response

All monitored alarm systems are initially assigned a Level 1 status.

Please note that Police response is ultimately determined by the resources which exist at the time a request for Police response is received.

If the Police are called to attend 3 false alarms in any 12 month period, the response will be reduced to a Level 3 status.

Level 2

The Level 2 response has been discontinued by most Police constabularies.

Level 3

No Police attendance unless offence witnessed – Keyholder response only.

Police will not attend a Level 3 alarm unless they are contacted by a witness to a crime taking place. Systems reduced to Level 3 status, due to false alarms, will remain at this Level until they have been free from false call-outs for a period of more than 3 months. They will only be reinstated to Level 1 after the system has been upgraded to meet the latest Police requirements. It is important to note that an alarm system reduced from Level 1 to Level 3 may affect insurance cover at the premises.

NB: An NSI Gold accredited intruder alarm system is eligible to receive level 1 Police response if it is maintained by an approved company.