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Benefits of Leasing your Security Systems

Tycoon J. Paul Getty once famously said: “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.”

While times have changed, the basic logic still holds true and leasing offers several benefits:

  • Working Capital preserved – Capital can be put to work for other business activities
  • Tax Efficient – The full value of the rentals can be offset against Corporation Tax
  • Preserve existing lines of Credit – Leasing will not weaken your borrowing power as money has not been borrowed, leaving your existing lines of credit available for other business activities
  • VAT Payments – Are only paid on each rental assisting cash-flow
  • Immediate Access to Equipment – Once approved, equipment can be installed and operational in no time
  • Budget Plan – Rentals remain fixed for the period of the term

At the end of the lease period the equipment can simply be upgraded to the latest technology with a new lease or for a payment can be retained without further charge.