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How does the External Deterrent System work?

The AlertSystems External Deterrent System is ideal for Yards, Compounds and Car Parks, almost all business with vulnerable external areas. The system is designed to detect and deter intruders before they even try to enter your premises.

The External Deterrent System pre-programmed phases:

Initial Warning

External detection sensors are activated by the movement of intruders in the protected area. The first level is to activate ultra-bright white-light led floodlights. These instantly illuminate the scene and most unwelcome visitors are immediately deterred.

The Verbal Warning

Any intruders who remain within the protected areas of the site will trigger the second level of activation and the system broadcasts a strong verbal warning, reinforcing the impression to the intruders they’re under observation. The deterrent is re-enforced with floodlights repeatedly flashing on and off.

Full Alert

The intelligent control panel and on-site sensors are continually analysing the intruder activity. Those ignoring the verbal warning and floodlights will bring the system to “Full Alarm” status with sirens and strobe lighting. Once the system detects that the premises are secure and free from unwelcome visitors, the whole system automatically re-sets itself without the need for you or your nominated keyholders to attend.