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Avigilon Security Cameras and Network Solutions


AlertSystems are one of the UK’s leading independent providers of electronic security solutions and we are an accredited Avigilon Platinum Partner. Avigilon designs and manufactures industry leading High Definition (HD) surveillance solutions that are unrivalled.

AlertSystems design and install, scalable surveillance solution’s using Avigilon components. These have been developed not only to work together but also with legacy systems. Avigilon megapixel IP CCTV Systems and their ‘lossless compression’ video management software deliver CCTV images that really have to be seen to be believed.

Avigilon Security Cameras

Avigilon HD surveillance solutions offer an extensive range of products based on their industry leading IP CCTV systems. As an Avigilon Platinum Partner, AlertSystems are one of the UK’s leading independent providers of Avigilon HD CCTV solutions.

Avigilon CCTV systems offer industry leading performance and provide a HD surveillance security system with clear, high quality images that providing protection to your business against the threat of crime.

Once installed on your premises, Avigilon IP Network cameras are highly effective in preventing crime and deterring potential criminals as they will be aware their actions are being monitored and recorded. Should an incident occur, HD CCTV images play a vital role in police investigations, helping them to bring those responsible to justice.

Investing in Avigilon CCTV can also offer additional benefits for your business – the sharp, clear, high-quality images can be used to monitor all aspects of your business more effectively.

The easy to use Avigilon Control Centre software allows you to quickly and efficiently manage Avigilon network cameras and provides access to the high-quality recorded and live footage from your IP network.
Avigilon Control Centre allows you quickly find any event or incident, you can find small changes in large areas with sub-region thumbnail searching or navigate quickly with camera specific event logs and search through alarms, point-of-sale transactions, licence plates and bookmarks faster than ever.

If you’re looking to protect your premises against crime or need to monitor your key business processes, AlertSystems will design and install Avigilon HD surveillance solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Avigilon HD surveillance systems are also able to utilise analogue cameras from your existing security system using video encoders. This offers a highly cost-effective migration path to business looking to take a phased approach to a complete IP network based security system.

Smart, intuitive and friendly - an advanced system that’s easy to use.

Premium HD CCTV

HD CCTV cameras offer unrivalled protection for your business and your employees. AlertSystems offers you the tools to identify activities that could significantly damage your organisation. The premium quality footage recorded by HD CCTV will allow you u to carefully monitor your premises and support subsequent investigations.

Avigilon have unparalleled experience in the HD surveillance industry, offering an extensive range of solutions to protect your organisation. Their IP CCTV system offers uninterrupted recording, while also allowing you to monitor your system remotely over any wireless IP network using any Apple or Android device. This provides you with instant access to live and recorded images, allowing you to quickly respond to any incident.

The Avigilon HD IP cameras provided by AlertSystems offer more than just protection for your business, the  high quality images can be used to monitor Health and Safety performance and manufacturing processes. An Avigilon HD IP camera system is an invaluable business tool with many applications.

As an Avigilon HD CCTV Gold Partner, we take pride in the ability of our experienced and highly trained team to design a solution to meet your specific requirements. Avigilonnetwork cameras and video management softwareare manufactured and tested to the highest standards, so when you choose Avigilon products and AlertSystems’ high quality service, you can be reassured that you are getting the best security solutions for your business.

How a Network Camera Can Improve Security at your Business

A HD CCTV surveillance system has multiple benefits for your business. Live and recorded images from network cameras can be viewed by security staff and managers over an IP network. Being able to rapidly access HD CCTV footage, offers a significant advantage when it comes to investigations.

Whether you need to update your current existing security cameras or wish to integrate up-to-date systems with your current solutions, Avigilon network cameras provided by AlertSystems provide crystal clear High Definition images.

As an Avigilon Platinum partner and one of the leading providers of security solutions in the UK, our team of experts are highly knowledgeable in the field and can provide you with all of the information you need in order to choose the best security and surveillance system for your business.

If you would like to find out more about IP network cameras, HD CCTV systems or IP CCTV systems for your business, why not contact us today to find out how these systems can benefit your business?