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Avigilon Access Control

Avigilon Access Control seamlessly integrates with many existing security systems. It will allow the central management of access permissions.

Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) offers an enhanced integration with Avigilon Control Centre to easily manage video alarm events with either system and have them display through ACM’s intuitive interface.

The Access Control Manager software is browser-based, providing access to the system anytime, from anywhere. The simple interface allows the management of multiple sites from a single location. Items such as assigning door privileges or managing employee or visitor credentials can be made quickly and easily.

Avigilon Access Control Manager is highly scalable to accommodate a business’s growth and as it is web-based ACM offers flexibility for any system from just one door to thousands. Using a pre-configured server, this access control solution can be installed in minutes without the need to install software on multiple workstations.