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COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak


1. What changes have AlertSystems made to ensure the wellbeing of their employees and their customers?

In line with best practice recommendations on staying home and social distancing, many of our employees are now working from home. The core staff remaining at our premises are adhering to strict social distancing guidelines. A risk assessment has been undertaken and control measures implemented.

2. With employees working remotely, will the level of service you can provide be affected?

No, not at all. As a technology company we are well set up to use technology to our advantage to maintain excellent customer service whilst ensuring the wellbeing of our AlertSystems team.

3. Can we expect any further changes at AlertSystems, as the situation progresses?

We are monitoring the situation daily to ensure any changes required can be implemented quickly with minimum disruption. As a technology company with a track record in responding dynamically to changing events, we are well placed to adapt while maintaining business as usual practices.

4. Can I still get support from AlertSystems?

We are open for business. Our sales and engineering teams are ready and equipped with appropriate PPE for site-based meetings that comply with social distancing and meeting limitation restrictions. We can also arrange for online or conference call based meetings.

We can offer:

  • Sales support
  • Product demonstrations
  • Site surveys and System design meetings
  • Reactive Service calls and preventative maintenance visits

To contact us send an email to or and we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment.

5. Are your Service Support team available?

Yes, our Customer Support teams and Service Desk is available as usual and can be contacted at or by calling 01225 775666.

6. Is your product supply and availability affected by the current situation?

We have excellent relationships with our supplier’s, and we are not currently experiencing any product supply issues. However, we are monitoring the situation daily and will promptly update you if anything should change.

7. Are you able to help your customers return to work safely?

Absolutely! We have a range of solutions to support customers as they prepare a COVID Secure environment for their staff and customers. These include thermal screening cameras, systems to manage occupancy control and social distancing along with hygienic touch free access control. Please visit our website or email for more information or to arrange a product demonstration.

How is AlertSystems protecting its workforce and customers from exposure to COVID-19?

We are following all Government issued advice in respect of employee welfare and have adopted the published self-quarantine and return to work guidelines.

Our staff have been instructed in requirements of social distancing and have been issued with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

Staff are following closely the Government recommended approach in respect of health monitoring and self-diagnosis. Staff identifying the specified symptoms are required to report this to their supervisor/manager and undertake the recommended period of self-isolation.

We will be monitoring all members of staff who have identified they may have COVID-19 symptoms and record their period of isolation.

Visitors to AlertSystems will be restricted to those regarded as being business essential and we will require confirmation upon arrival that they have not been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 related symptoms.

Minimising service disruption to our Customers

We are actively providing a range of COVID Secure solutions to our Customers to support in meeting the requirements safeguard their staff and customers as they re-open.

Our Sales, Installation and Service teams are resilient, they operate from multiple locations across the country. This minimises the risk of a company-wide reduction in our service capability.

Our remotely located teams have secure technology that allows the real-time access of key customer information, allowing them to respond to planned and reactive Service call requests.

We will endeavour to provide a business as usual service level. We will be working with our Customers to ensure any on-site visits for Sales or Service-related matters are pre-approved.

Our Service Help Desk will continue to manage and prioritise call-out requests and Customers should continue to contact us in the usual way. Should it become necessary we have the capability to operate Service Desk operations remotely.

Our core administration functions are managed from our Head Office location. We continue to utilise remote access for our core administrative and operational services.

Managing our supply chain

At our Head Office we hold a considerable range of the most used parts and spares. Our engineers also carry several stock items with them.

Our distribution allows for replacement parts to be delivered to our Head Office or directly to a regionally based hub for collection by our engineers.

We are not reliant on a single supplier and can order equipment from several distributors and from manufacturers directly.

We continually monitor our supply chain for potential issues that may impact our operations and work closely with our suppliers to assess and minimise any potential effect.

Products and services affected

At the present time we are not aware of any specific suppliers or products being affected by the situation.

Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 (click to download):