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SNAP Pro Secure


The SNAP Pro Secure camera captures the licence plate perfectly and is suitable for the most demanding applications. When used with SNAP ANPR processors, every vehicle recorded includes images taken from both cameras at exactly the same time. The result is everything you need to identify the vehicle.

  • Secure network Capture Processors for 1, 2, 3 or 4 traffic lanes
  • Secure network Management Processors for 1,000 traffic lanes

Combine SNAP processors to help build a system of up to 1,000 ANPR Cameras any size across any number of site


  • Deploy with any of our TrueANPRTM Technology SnapShot, bollard or speed cameras (in any combination)
  • Custom reports and functionality provided by our in-house software and hardware engineers
  • Group-based LED sign messages using time schedules (serial connection included)
  • 1,000 custom vehicle groups (staff, visitors, contractors, etc)
  • Full offence management (speeding, unauthorised vehicle, overstay, non-return)
  • Comprehensive alerts (on-screen, audio, email, SMS & relay)
  • Graphical management reports (speeding, journey times, stay times, vehicle flow)
  • Text reporting with automatic emailing (offences, repeat offenders, all movements, car park usage, vehicle stay times)
  • Live Vehicles-on-Site reporting
  • Frequent Visitor reporting & alerts (ideal for detecting trade vehicles at multiple Household Waste Recycling Centres)
  • Permit system for managing the number of visits for a single or multiple sites
  • Serial data output for linking with third-party systems
  • Police BOF2 interface
  • FTP for all capture events and offences
  • Automatic database import & sync with third-party systems ( SQL, Access, CSV, etc)
  • Each processor has a comprehensive web interface for up to 8 simultaneous users
  • 1 to 4 ANPR camera inputs per capture processor
  • 4 Colour overview camera inputs (one per ANPR camera)
  • Secure locking wall cabinet enclosure with glanded or 20-25mm conduit cable entry