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360 Hybrid DVR

360 Hybrid DVR

Ideal solution for the process of migration from existing analogue systems to the latest digital systems, the hybrid system is required as an interim solution.

Key Features

  • Network-based surveillance system with added efficiency through both analogue DVR and IP
  • DVR with inbuilt IP product support alongside analogue DVR system functionality
  • IP expandability
  • Multiple connectivities through NxMS remote software
  • Network Video Recording alongside conventional analogue recording
  • Supported IP Product- 360-Video Server (VS-3004, VIP-CODEC), 360 VisionIPDome range, AXIS, Toshiba and capable of additional IP camera protocols.

Hybrid Solutions; the first set into IP

As the first step into IP to follow the latest security trend, 360 Vision have released their Hybrid DVR. In a hybrid system, different technologies are harmonized within one system. During the process of migration from existing analogue systems to the latest digital systems, a hybrid system is required as an interim solution. It enables existing components to be replaced step by step. One such interim step on the way to a purely digital solution would be the replacement of analogue video recording (VCR) with digital video recording while still using the analogue video matrix. With hybrid solutions, it is important to maintain a unified operating concept for the user.

360-HDVR3008Up to 8ch
360-HDVR7016/3016/2016Up to 16ch
360-HDVR7032/3032Up to 32ch
S360-HDVR7064Up to 64ch

Major Functions

  • Real-time display, Multiple split mode screen, Motion tracking, Auto alarm
  • Various Recording methods: Instant, Alarm Event, Intensive, Schedule, Pre/Post-alarm Recording
  • Various Media Back-up CD-RW, DVD, USB
  • Voice Recording up to 4ch (optional 16ch)
  • Simultaneous Search, Playback and backup
  • Various Search Methods-Index (Sensor, Motion Detection, etc.), Preview, Object Search
  • PTZ & IP camera control
  • Integrated management, 1:1 Remote monitoring/control, Web monitoring, Risk situation, management
  • Watermarking, Watchdog