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March Networks Edge 1 Micro Encoder

The Edge 1 MicroEncoder is a high performance, single-channel encoder/decoder that integrates analogue camera video into an IP network, and manages the decoding and display of that video. The Micro Encoder is compact and provides an ideal path for cost-effective migration to all-IP video networking.

The Edge 1 MicroEncoder, functions as either an encoder or decoder1 and is a true IP adaptor able to migrate analogue cameras or monitors into a network-based system. The unit’s compact size makes it ideal for installation in camera housings or outdoor power supply cabinets.

The Edge 1 MicroEncoder offers a choice of H.264, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG for encoding or decoding analogue video signals. Simultaneous multi-streaming is possible for applications where one compression is needed for live viewing and another compression for recording. Two independent streams can provide up to D1 resolution at 30 fps (NTSC) or 25 fps (PAL).

For applications requiring low storage and bandwidth, H.264 compression offers savings of as much as 80 per cent over M-JPEG and 50 per cent over MPEG-4 compression.

The Edge 1 MicroEncoder can record a video stream in parallel to an optional, internal micro SD High Capacity (SDHC) card or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to provide redundant recording in the event of a network outage or server failure. For total fail-safe management, the encoder’s innovative Shadow Archiving™ feature provides seamless access to redundant video and offers user configurable options to reintegrate missing video into the main Video Management.

Industry-standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows a single cable solution to both power the MicroEncoder and connect it to the network, while setup and programming are quickly accomplished using a browser interface.