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Avalon Plus Digital Video Recorder

Key features:

  • 8Kb file size S-VHS quality
  • Camera Scheduling
  • Virtual Matrix
  • Remote Access software
  • Graphics User Interface
  • Two USB Ports
  • Multi-camera action on an alarm
    Covert view and user login
  • Embedded Linux operating system
  • Functionality
  • Intelligent searches
  • 100 images per second
  • Multi-Screen & spot monitor
  • DVD or CD writer built-in
8Kb file size S-VHS qualityThe Avalon+ Digital Video Recorder range uses MPEG4 compression to generate image file sizes of 4Kb for VHS quality and 8Kb for S-VHS quality. Small file sizes extend recording times image file transmission speeds.
Camera SchedulingMotion detection, alarm actions, frame rate and camera definition can be set up individually on each camera. CCTV systems settings can be varied to suit different times of day or weekends when activity levels change.
Virtual MatrixUp to 100 DVR’s can be controlled using a 360 Vision Keyboard.
Remote Access softwareRASplus is available for remote view, control and playback across a network.
Graphic User InterfaceIntuitive DVR control is via a 9 language, GUI menu system.
Two USB PortsComprehensive image download options give highly compatible archiving.
Multi-camera action on an alarmActivation of just one alarm can instigate multiple camera actions.
Covert view and user loginUp to 10 logins can be set with different user access and covert view privileges.
Embedded Linux operating systemThe operating system is stored within the DVR memory so that in the event of an HD failure or upgrade, system integrity and operation is not affected.
Functionality2x audio in and one audio out, intelligent search options, one button and motion detection help maximise the effectiveness of any security application.
Intelligent searchesCalendar, Time and Date, event, motion, museum and text-in search facilities.
100 images per secondRecording speed is 100 images per second (IPS) across all 8 or 16 channels. Alarm activated channels to record at up to 25 IPS to capture more video data.
Multi-Screen & spot monitorComposite multi-screen and spot monitor with simultaneous SVGA multi-screen.
DVD or CD writer built-inVideo data can be downloaded to DVD or CD to run on a PC.
Remote Access Software (RAS)The remote access software provides comprehensive DVR control through a graphical interface. It enables control and remote servicing of the 360 Vision Dome and Vision I Dome range including the ability to ‘reset’, adjust ‘gain and lift’ and access all video functions. The RAS is ideal for remote central monitoring from a single location.
Signal FormatPAL or NTSC Selectable
Video Inputs8 or 16 looping composite i/p, 1V pk-pk, auto term, 75 ohms
Monitor OutputMain 1 x composite BNC x 1 x VGA. Spot 1 x composite BNC
CompressionMPEG-4 ASP (advanced simple profile)
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux
Typical file sizes2Kb = low, 4Kb = VHS, 8Kb = S-VHS, 12Kb = S-VHS+
Display Resolution720×576 PAL
Multi-screen display modeMain-fs,4, 8, 16, seq, PIP, 2 x zoom. Spot-fs-seq
Recording ResolutionCIF 336×224, 2CIF 672 x 224
Record/playback speed100 ips CIF, 50 ips 2CIF
Record modesTime-lapse, alarm, pre-event (30 mins), panic and continuous
Record optionsPer channel – schedule, record rate, image quality
Programmable detectionVideo motion and video obscuration detection (VMD & VOD)
HDD options250 & 500 Gb (other capacity options are available)
Primary StorageEIDE HDD (up to 3)
Data export optionsUSB (HDD, CD-RW, Flash Drive), IDE (CD-RW, DVD-RW)
Text insertionPOS and ATM text interface
DVD-RW / CD-RWDVD-RW 16 channel, CD-RW 8 channel
Audio input/output2x in 1x outline level RCA connectors
Audio input8 or 16 TTL, NC/NO, push terminal
Audio output2 x relay output, push terminal
Alarm Reset1x TTL w/ground, push terminal
Network InterfaceRJ45 10/100 Base T Ethernet RS232C serial port I/O control
Network protocolsStatic IP, ADSL, DHCP, DVRNS (enhanced DDNS)
Remote ConnectionsAdmin 2/ Watch 10/ Search: 2
Remote SoftwareBasic: monitoring, back, rec, set-up, PTZ, upgrade, status
Remote Data exportClip-player, AVI, JPEG, BMP
Remote Transmission50 ips with bandwidth control
PTZ controlRS485 serial connection (two wire half duplex), push terminal
Protocols50x protocols incl. 360VT, Pelco D, Spectra and Fastrax 2
USB Port2 – type 2 version 2.0 (2 on the front)
DVR ControlA USB mouse, telemetry keyboard
Self-checkingTemp, SMART diagnosis, auto recovery, auto deletion
SecurityKey-lock security/256 individual user support
Unit Dimensions & Weight430W x 88H x 400Dmm, 2Urack mount, 7.3Kg
Operating Temp/Humidity5° to 40°C, 0% to 90% (non condensing)
Power & Consumption100 to 240 VAC, 2 ~4A, 50/60 Hz, 100 w
ApprovalFCC, UL, CE, CB