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Dallmeier DMS 240

Dallmeier DMS

The DMS 240 HSR is a stand-alone hybrid audio and video recorder with up to 24 channels. The basic version with 8 analogue channels can be expanded by 8/16 analogue channels or activated 8/16 IP based channels.

Key features:

  • Up to 24 analogue and 16 IP based channel channels
  • Pentaplex Plus Functionality: Simultaneous real-time recording, streaming, live display, playback and remote access
  • Hybrid recording: H.264, MPEG4
  • Audio compression: G.722, MPEG1 Layer 2
  • Bit rate up to 2 Mbps with analogue cameras, up to 4 Mbps with IP Cameras
  • Resolution with analogue cameras: up to 4CIF
  • Resolution with IP cameras: SD, HD (720p, 1080i, 1080p), up to 8 MB
  • Frame rate per channel up to 12 fps at 4CIF with an analogue camera, up to 25 fps at D1 with IP cameras
  • Variable recording mode (VRM): event triggered switchover of the recording quality
  • Evaluation with SeMSy or Pview via Ethernet
  • Integrated motion detection for analogue and Dallmeier IP cameras
  • Live browser access and integrated UTC compatibility
  • Easy Change functionality in case of HDD failure
  • 12V output for the external storage expansion DAS-4 Eco
  • Linux operating system on flash memory
  • DIN EN 50130-4 certified


  • Hybrid activation: additional IP based camera channels
  • Hard disks for internal recording with minimum 250GB each (max 2)
  • VdS kit (2HDDs required)
  • Internal RAID 1
  • DVI output
  • External storage expansion: DAS-4 Eco/DAS-303
  • Slimline DVD-RW drive
  • Bi-directional audio (intercom)s
  • Premote advance
  • Dual Streaming
  • SEDOR sabotage protection for analogue cameras
  • D/N-RC (Day/Night remote control)


Maximum Video Channels24x Analogues and 16 x IP
Supported CamerasAnalogue and IP Cameras of Dallmeier and of third-party inc megapixel cameras
Video/Audio CompressionH.264, MPEG4 ISO/IEC 14496, MJPEG, G.722.1, MPEG-1 Layer 2
Operating ModeTriplex, Recording, Streaming, Live Viewing/Play Back
Split Display1, 4, 9, 13, 16, 25
Resolution4CIF, DCIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF (analogue)/ D1, 4CIF, Half D1, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF (IP)
Recording ModePermanent, Motion, Contact, Timer, Switching Mode
Frame Rate per Analogue CameraUp to 12 fps at 4CIF, Up to 16 fps at DCIF. 2CIF, Up to 25 fps at CIF, QCIF
Frame Rate per IP Camera6.25 / 12.5 / 25fps at D1, 4CIF, Half D1, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF
Bit Rate with up to 24 Analogue ChannelsUp to 2 Mbps
Bit Rate with up to 16 Analogue ChannelsUp to 4 Mbps
Bit Rate with up to 8 IP ChannelsUp to 3 Mbps
Management SoftwarePview Light
Configuration SoftwareDNS Net Config
UTC ControlIntegrated
Privacy ZonesIntegrated
Motion DetectionIntegrated
Smart FinderIntegrated
Audio for all ChannelsIntegrated
Premote AdvanceOptional Activation
Voice Talk – IntercomOptional Activation
Dual StreamOptional Activation
VRM (Variable Recorder Mode)Integrated
Track ModesStandard, Automatic, Manual
D/N-RC (Day/Night Remote Control)Optional Activation
Smart Finder AdvanceOptional Activation
Activation of 8 IP and 8 Analogue ChannelsOptional Activation
Activation of 8 IP and 16 Analogue ChannelsOptional Activation
Camera Inputs24 x CVBS/BNC, with Loop-through
Video Outputs4 x CVBS/BNC with Loop-through, 1 x VGA, 1 x DV-I (Optional)
Aux-Line In/Mic In/Audio Out (Mainboard)1 x 3.5mm Phone Jack / 1 x 3.5mm Phone Jack / 1 x 3.5mm Phone Jack
Audio In (Encoder Card)24 x D-Sub
Ethernet1 x RJ45, 10/100/1000 Mbps
Ethernet ProtocolsUnicast: IPv4, TCP, HTTP, IGMP, DHCP, ARP, NTP, UDP
Contact In/Relay Out30 x each 4 functions, 5 x configurable as NO or NC
Serial/ Parallel/ USB/ PS/22 x RS232 / 1 x IEEE 1284 / 3 x USB 2.0 / Mouse, Keyboard
SATA Extention InterfaceOptional (for DAS-4 Eco)
FC Controller Extension InterfaceOptional (for DAS-303)
Exchangeable Hard DisksUp to 2 x 3.5”
Archiving MediumSlim Line DVD-RW Drive – Optional
Voltage Supply110/230 V AC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Power ConsumptionMax 130 W
Heat PowerMax 444 BTU/h
Dimensions W x H x D425 x 133 x 445 mm
Operating Temperature5º – 40º C, 20º – 25º C recommended
Humidity – not condensing5 – 70 %
Atmospheric LoadDust Free
Weight10 – 12 Kg
Fan3 x with Automatic Speed Adaption
Voltage Out12 VDC
Operating SystemLinux
LanguagesGerman, English, French, Spanish (others on request)
Approvals/CertificationsCE, FCC, ACA, Kalagate, DIN EN 50130-4, UVV-Kassen
VdS CertificationOnly if ordering VdS Mounting Kit