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Proxima Rack Mount (RM)

Proxima Rack Mount

The Proxima RM is the top of the range Digital Video Recorder (DVR) within the Proxima series and is available in the 8 or 16 camera versions. The Proxima RM can record up to 50 Images Per Second at full frame resolution (D1) and there are various recording modes such as continuous and motion detection. This DVR incorporates proprietary compression hardware (Wavelet) for increased storage and improved video transmission. It has an internal hard drive, up to 1TB for storage of CCTV footage.

Pentaplex functionality provides simultaneous recording, playback, viewing, archiving and transmitting at all times. It incorporates a single bi-directional audio channel and has 16 Alarm inputs and 16 auxiliary channels which can be used to trigger external devices such as a siren or lighting etc. It has a CD Drive and USB sockets so that recorded footage can be copied to external media.

This DVR can be networked for local or remote Internet access. There are two dedicated software programmes for remote access, these are:- Remote Control – This replicates the user screen as seen directly from the DVR and you can perform all required functions such as Live view, Playback, Search and copying of CCTV footage. Site Manager – This is the professional monitoring software for the Linearis series and in addition to the above functions can also be set up to receive alarms from the DVR (once received the relevant camera picture can be highlighted on screen and an alarm sounded on the PC to alert the operator). Maps can be inserted into the software detailing camera positions. Icons on these maps are active, i.e. a camera icon placed onto the map not only details the position of that camera but double-clicking on it will display the live footage from it.

Key Features

  • 8 and 16 camera models
  • Proprietary hardware for increased video compression
  • Internal Hard drive with up to 1TB of storage
  • 50 Images Per Second at full resolution
  • Can be Networked
  • Single Audio channel
  • 16 Alarm inputs
  • 16 Auxiliary double-clicking
  • USB ports
  • CD drive

Identification Help

Black rack mounted DVR. Size: 43.5cm x 55cm x 17.7cm. Lockable front panel. Behind the lockable panel is Power button, Reset button, Red & Green LED lights for power and hard drive activity and CD Draw. May have a Sticker on it that says Proxima (if it has a Linearis sticker go to the Linearis RM page). Right mouse clicks over the picture so that you can see some buttons. If the Login or Logout button is in the Bottom left then the DVR is a Proxima RM. If the Login or Logout button is located in the Top Right the DVR is a Linearis RM.