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March Networks (Nettuno) Mini

Nettuno Mini

Key features

  • Completely embedded non-PC architecture
  • DSP based hardware – flexible and future proof architecture
  • Multi role – encoder (SPECTIVA e LINEARIS Network Interface)
  • Exceptionally high quality of video and audio using MPEG4 compression
  • Encoding speed of 25/30* full resolution images per second at maximum quality and resolution
  • Seamless and transparent integration into SPECTIVA DVMS networks – all SPECTIVA features extend to network cameras connected via SPECTIVA Network Interface
  • PTZ Control – fully integrated multi vendor PTZ support with minimum latency
  • Powerful networkabilty – true client server architecture with full remote control via TCP/IP and unlimited scalability
  • Light and compact
  • Solid state, low power design
  • Auto-configuration wizard
  • Full screen live
  • Multi-vendor PTZ
  • Alarm input
  • Relay output
  • Firmware upgrade via the network
  • Compatible with existing networks

NETTUNO MINI is a new, standalone, no PC based, compact, solid-state, fully embedded video codec capable of encoding video and audio from an analogue video/audio source in real time.

NETTUNO used a dedicated 600Mhz programmable DSP to deliver full frame, full resolution, excellent visual quality real-time video, encoding on the fly, all in one compression engine that is capable of 2 multi-stream MPEG4.

NETTUNO MINI is compatible with any analogue camera and incorporates a fully integrated single bi-directional audio channel and a multi-vendor PTZ control (RS 422/485). Single alarm input and auxiliary output are also provided.
NETTUNO is a low power, a firmware-based device which runs without an operating system to provide the ultimate in performance and reliability. Experience the difference of deterministic, real-time (25/30 IPS per camera) multi-compression performance at full PAL/NTSC resolution (720 x 576 pixels / 720 x 480 pixels).


NETTUNO, whether operated as standalone or combined with the powerful CIEFFE SPECTIVIA and LINEARIS Digital Video Management System (DVMS) platform, allows you to create extremely high performance, high-quality digital CCTT networks that are both infinitely scalable and flexible. NETTUNO eliminates the need for conventional camera/PTZ control cabling – all video and audio is delivered over TCP/IP network for live viewing and recording with no interference.
NETTUNO MINI delivers full frame, full resolution, excellent visual quality real-time digital video and audio over TCP/IP, for seamless integration into network-connected CIEFFE SPECTIVA and LINEARIS Digital Video Management Systems.
The programmable DSP approach provides for a flexible, future-proof solution – NETTUNO firmware is upgradeable -enabling easy support for new and improved future compression algorithms.
State of the art DSP hardware-based compression engine provides superior performance and high-quality lip synchronised video and audio at all times, regardless of image content.
NETTUNO integrates seamlessly and transparently into any SPECTIVA and LINEARIS DVMS as a network connected camera – natively supported by CIEFFE site manager, CIEFFE SPECTIVA Remote Control and Vision WEB – enabling control, configuration and operation of NETTUNO connected devices directly from any client.


  • Remote Control – Full TCP/IP Client
  • Remote View – Simple TCP/IP Client Movie Viewer
  • Vision Web – Internet Explorer TCP/IP Client
  • Vision Pocket – Pocket PC Client
  • Site Manager – Full TCP/IP Multi Server Client
  • CIEFFE Developer Kit – API


Video Input1
Video OutputNo
Audio Input1 Stereo
Audio OutputNo
Simultaneous Encoders2
Simultaneous DecodersN/A
Compression algorithmMPEG4 Main Profile
Supported Resolutions720 x 576/720 x 480 (D1), 720 x 288/720 x 240 (2CIF), 360 x 288/360 x 240 (CIF), 180 x 144/180 x 120 (QCIF)
Web ServerYes
ProcessorDSP 600Mhz
Dome ControlRS.485
Ethernet10/100 Mbit
Power over Ethernet (PoE)No
SD SlotNo
Power Supply12Vdc
Power Consumption4W
Operating temperature5-55°C
Relative humidity8-90%, non condensing
Weight0,5 Kg
Dimensions90W x 80D x 35H mm