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Adpro Fast Trace

Adpro Fast Trace is the definitive multi-site video security system designed, developed and manufactured by the leaders in Video Security Technologies. When used in conjunction with Video Central, the unique combination of video alarm verification, remote site monitoring and control, and long duration evidential quality recording – provides the most flexible multi-site video Security System available.

Key features:

  • Multi-camera live and recorded views for rapid assessment of all site activity
  • Simultaneous access by multiple remote users to stored or live video without interruption to recording
  • Integrated PTZ telemetry support and optional down the coax module
  • Integrated audio recording/transmission plus an optional audio switcher
  • Efficient video compression enables fast access over limited bandwidth links
  • Three communication ports for maximum flexibility
  • Bandwidth throttle constrains data rate within user selected or network-based limits
  • Alarm verification activated by automatic call out from multiple input sources
  • Multiple alarm inputs with tamper detection and flexible mapping
  • Downloadable event log for standards compliant audit trails of site activity
  • Intelligent search capability based on time, events, or activity in user definable areas
  • Continuous and event recording activated by image movement, external sensors or transactions
  • Fast multichannel video recording at up to 120 images/sec for NTSC or 100 images/sec for PAL
  • Scalable image processing rates with plug-in compression modules
  • Internal disk storage capacity greater than 200 million images
  • Digitally watermarked recorder images uniquely linked to event data
  • Secure viewing software automatically linked to exported evidential images
  • Connection to data sources such as ZTMs for recording transaction data along with video
  • Purpose built hardware platform with embedded Real Time, Operating System for reliable, uninterrupted operation

Remote, Multi-Site Management

Centralised management to improve efficiency and reduced personnel costs.

Live video, two-way audio, remote camera control and flexible integration capabilities provide full remote site surveillance and control eliminating the need for on-site security staff.

Efficient and fast transmission technology, even over slow data links, provides complete surveillance capabilities.

Multiple network users can view live activity, search for events of interest or review recorded video without disruption to the recording.

Integrated Video Alarm Verification

Rapid assessment allows correct alarm response.

The automatic transmission of images enables the cause of alarms to be viewed at a Central Monitoring Station (CMS). The ADPRO Video Central Multi-site Video Security Manager can be run standalone or easily integrated with conventional CMS software systems. Comprehensive search options allow rapid retrieval of prior events, regardless of link speed.

Increased Recording Capacity

Never miss the images that count.

Flexible recording options combined with optimum image compression technology allow images to be recorded without interruption at the lowest storage cost.

Over 200 million high-quality images equivalent to 400 videotapes can be stored within a single ADPRO Fast Trace system.

Evidential Quality Recording

High image quality and proof that images have not been altered are essential to event investigation and resolution.

ADPRO Fast Trace delivers superior image resolution compared to traditional VCR recording. Watermarking guarantees changed or tampered images are automatically identified. Data from external sources such as ATM’s can be recorded for retrieval with the associated video sequences.

Reliable, Uninterrupted Operation

Insist on reliability and reduce operational and resource costs.

Sophisticated software development methods combined with a purpose-built hardware platform ensure reliability and eliminate the need for human intervention.


Video InputsSelectable CCIR (PAL) or RS170 (NTSC) standard 5x(5005), 10x(5010) & 20x(5020) – 75 ohm BNC
Video OutputsAuto sequencing output – 75 ohm BNC
Recording Image Resolution2CIF,PAL: 704×288 pixel (NTSC: 704×240). CIF,PAL: 352×288 pixel (NTSC: 352×240)
Maximum Recording RateA resolution, 4 VCE-1 fitted) 100/120 images per second PAL/NTSC
Image CompressionCustomised H.263 compression with the average of 3 Kilobytes per image at CIF
Disk CapacityUp to 4 internally mounted Hard Disk Drives
AudioLocal recording and live audio transmission. Microphone, Line and Audio switcher inputs. Line, Speaker and Audio Switcher outputs.
PTZRS485 Telemetry support for over 30 protocols
Alarm Inputs20x (5005,5010) or 30x (5020) external alarm inputs, screw terminal connectors, Single end of line or Dual end of line, Voltage input <0.8v – logic low, 7 ma (max); between 3.5V and 5.0V – logic high
Control Outputs10x (5005,5010) or 20x (5020) open collector control outputs, screw terminal connectors, 12VDC (max, 100mA (max), On state output voltage less than 1.1V @100mA, 1 x general alarm relay with contacts (N/O, N/C)
Live Image Transmission RateEthernet, 25 images/second, ISDN: 128k = 12.5 images/second, PSTN: 33k6 = 3 images/second
Communication LinksNetwork and Serial
Transaction InterfacesUpto 2 RS232 ATM/POS inputs and/or 8 ethernet ATM inputs
Transparent Data Port1 x Serial port, RS232, 9-pin D-type, max data rate of 57.6 Kbps
System Control and SetupADPRO Video Central Lite or ADPRO Video Central Gold Version 8 (or later)
Power Requirements115-230 volts, AC, 47-63HZ, Maximum power dissipation 100W
Construction and Dimensions482mm (19”) W x 132mm (5.2”) H x 281mm (11”) L
Weight11 Kilograms
Temperature RangeOperating Range: 0ºC-40ºC (32ºF-104ºF). Humidity less than 90% non-condensing