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Avalon FA4-C80


The FA4-C80 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a compact 4 camera recorder with a built-in 80GB hard drive. It can be networked for local or remote access via the Internet. A USB socket allows connection of external storage devices for archiving of any required footage. There are 4 alarm inputs, any sensor alarms or video loss activations can be programmed to generate an email. A panic record button allows for recording images to be increased if pressed.

Key Features

  • Compact size.
  • 4 camera DVR.
  • Remote Control.
  • Individual camera setup.
  • Can be networked for local or remote access via the Internet.
  • Panic record button.

Identification Help

  • Silver DVR.
  • Less than 2 inches tall.
  • Numbered buttons on front 1-4.
  • Circular feature on the front right with up/down left/right and an enter button in the middle.
  • Front left there are three light indicators – Power Rec Alarm

RasPlus CCTV Software (Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7)

RasPlus CCTV software is not compatible on earlier versions of the Avalon DVR. Please contact AlertSystems to confirm if this software will work on your DVR.

Playing Back Copied Footage