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Avalon S

The Avalon S is a 4, 8 or 16 camera Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It has a built-in hard drive, to record the camera footage and an internal CD drive and USB ports for identified footage to be copied onto external devices. Individual camera set up is possible, allowing different frame rates per camera to be set. Various recording options are also available, such as Continuous, Motion and Sensor activation etc. Output displays can be customised to show a single camera, 4 way, 9 way, 16 way, Picture in Picture or Sequenced view. The user interface is mouse controlled providing an icon-based easy screen layout. This makes the DVR easier to operate/control compared to earlier DVRs.

It can be networked for local or Internet access and uses either dedicated Windows software or Internet Explorer (also compatible on Apple Mac OSX if running Parallels software). Control of the Dome cameras can be done using the mouse which is directly connected to the DVR or if connecting remotely, by using the mouse for the remote PC. User accounts can be created to provide access yet control and restrict functionality depending upon the user. The Log function can then provide a list of user activity.

Key Features

  • Choice of 4, 8 or 16 camera models
  • Can be networked for local or Internet computer access
  • Choice of different screen layouts
  • Individual camera setup
  • Various recording options such Continuous, Motion etc
  • Icon and Menu based control screen
  • User access control
  • Covert camera option
  • Digital Zoom

Identification Help

  • Black DVR
  • Circular Jog/Shuttle wheel on front right
  • CD tray on front left
  • Bank of 8 buttons to the left of the Jog/Shuttle wheel – 4 buttons on top row, 4 buttons on lower row
  • Top row of buttons are for screen layouts and show a single square, a quad square, a 9way square and a 16 way square
  • Lower row of buttons show Power, Magnifying Glass, 2 Cogs and 2 cameras