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Avalon Mk1

Avalon Mk1

Also know as ATV Falcon

The Avalon Mk1 Digital Video Recorder (DVR), also known as the ATV Falcon, is a digital Multiplexer / Recorder. It can be networked for local or Internet viewing of live or recorded footage. There are three versions of this DVR – 4, 9 or 16 camera models. Recorded footage can be copied from the DVR onto a USB stick or directly onto a PC (if networked) using the IRAS or Rasplus software. This DVR records up to 50 images per second and supports full Duplex (DVR continues to record even if users are searching, playing back or copying recorded footage). Alarm inputs and outputs allow footage to be ‘marked’ for event searching and for external devices to be activated, i.e. Alarm Siren / Flashing Lights. There are multiple search options – Date/Time, Calendar or Event. Continuos recording in Disk Overwrite mode.

Key Features

  • 4, 9 or 16 channel inputs Duplex mode (Simultaneous recording & playback).
  • Record up to 50 images per second.
  • Remote access available (software available for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7).
  • Archive recorded footage onto a USB stick or directly onto a PC.
  • Multiple Alarm inputs & outputs

Identification Help

  • Front left, the Power/Duplex light is Green (if it is a Red power light then the DVR is an Avalon Mk2 and not an Mk1).
  • Grey DVR – Lots of black buttons – numbers range from 1-4, 1-9 or 1-16 depending on how many cameras your DVR supports.
  • Front right, a circular button with up/down/left/right arrows

RasPlus CCTV Software (Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7)

RasPlus CCTV software is not compatible on earlier versions of the Avalon DVR. Please contact AlertSystems to confirm if this software will work on your DVR.