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Avalon SDR


The Avalon SDR is a 9 or 16 camera Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and a multiplexer. It provides video compression using the H.263 & MPEG4 protocols and can produce average frame sizes of 3Kb, thus maximising storage and providing good quality video transmission over networks. A total of three internal hard drives can be installed to increase video storage even further. An embedded operating system is installed which provides system integrity should one of the hard disks fail.

Each camera can be individually configured and the system settings can be varied to suit different times of day or weekends where activity levels change. Two monitor outputs provide multiple viewing locations if required. This DVR provides up to 200 images per second (16 camera model). Ten user logins can be created each with their own user rights. Covert cameras and privileges to view these cameras can also be set up. There are 9/16 alarm inputs and outputs, 4 audio inputs and 1 audio output channel, it also has a built-in CD-RW and two USB 2.0 sockets for exporting recorded footage. It incorporates a Panic button which if pressed can increase the recorded images per second and thus capture any event in greater detail. The Avalon SDR can be networked for local or remote Internet access in conjunction with the Rasplus software.

Key Features

  • 9 or 16 cameras
  • 200 IPS on 16 camera model
  • H.263 MPEG4 video compressions
  • 3Kb average file size
  • Can be networked
  • Individual camera setup
  • Built in CD-RW and USB 2.0 ports
  • Alarm inputs, Auxiliary outputs