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Static CCTV Surveillance Cameras

All CCTV cameras are not the same, and the choice of which camera type to use will be dependent specifically upon the camera location, environmental conditions and the image detail required. This is why you need the expert advice of our experienced CCTV installers.

Our Internal and External Static cameras are used when the requirement is to continually record or view a specific area or event. The choice of lens will simply be determined by the image detail required from each camera view. AlertSystems install varifocal lenses with each static camera. These are manually adjusted at the time of installation to display the optimum view.

We offer a broad range of Day/Night Domes and Day/Night Static cameras use Dual Chip technology that allows the camera to record in colour under normal light conditions and automatically switch to Black and White in low light environments.

Some Day/ Night Cameras including our Bullet Range are also Infra-Red Sensitive, allowing for the use of integrated or separate Infra Red Lighting to increase the camera’s range in low light and complete darkness.

Our Wide Dynamic cameras provide clear images in situations where the intensity of illumination varies widely. This means they can simultaneously manage areas that are very bright and very dark in the same field of view.


  • Entrance / Exits
  • Reception areas
  • Hallways
  • Production areas