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360 Vision Technology – Vison Matrix and Keyboard

Joystick Keyboard Control

Vision Matrix and Keyboard, powerful and cost-effective CCTV Matrix solution.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Up to 256 camera inputs
  • Up to 12 monitor outputs
  • Up to 7 control keyboards
  • In coax” and “TP” telemetry
  • Integration – DVR & transmission
  • Coax only wiring
  • Multi-site control
  • Comprehensive alarm handling
  • 360 VisionDome compatibility
  • On-screen menu
  • Variable speed PTZ
  • Shop monitor
Cost-effective solutionThe 360 Vision Technology Ltd (360 vision) Vision Matrix and Vision keyboard combine to give a powerful and cost-effective CCTV matrix solution with total compatibility to the Vision Dome range.
Up to 256 Camera InputsThe Vision Matrix is available with 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 192 and 256 inputs – each with full telemetry control.
Up to 12 monitor outputsThe Vision Matrix is available with 2, 4 or 12 monitor outputs.
Up to 7 control keyboardsUp to 7 Vision Keyboards can control a Vision Matrix with RS232 input for PC control.
In coax and “TP” telemetryTelemetry control is selected on each video channel giving a mix of ”in coax” and ”twisted pair/RS485” in the same system.
Integration – DVR & transmissionThe Vision Matrix provides seamless control of 360 Vision Domes by third-party DVR and IP transmission products.
Coax only wiringThe Vision Matrix enables coax only connection between the Vision Dome and Vision Matrix to be controlled by a 3rd party RS485 transmission system.
Multi-site controlSimultaneous control of local and remote sites make the Vision Matrix ideal for central monitoring applications.
Comprehensive alarm handlingUp to 144 alarms, each capable of instigating multiple camera actions can be programmed via the on-screen menu.
360 VisionDome compatibilityAll Vision Dome and VisioniDome features can be accessed from the Vision Matrix to enable first line, remote maintenance.
On-screen menuA simple on-screen menu system enables easy and intuitive system set up.
Variable speed PTZDome speeds of between 0.1°/s to 400°/s (pan) are controlled with the vision keyboard’s 3 axis joystick – speeds adjust in proportion to zoom position.
Shop monitorVision Domes used for surveillance purposes can be prevented from appearing on shop monitors. Each camera can be set as ”public” or ”private”.
Vision Matrix Features8X2, 16X2
Camera inputs8,16
Individual input terminationYes
Monitor Outputs2
Control ports2 x RS485, 1 x RS232
Dome/alarm ports1 x RS485
Alarm inputs o/p (on matrix)16
Total alarms (matrix & alarm boxes)144
TP controlYes
Co-ax controlYes
Line – lockYes
Keyboard Lock/UnlockYes
Shop monitorYes
Tour mimic programmingYes
Selectable, p’set,alarm titlingYes
Absolute positionYes
Set matrix factory defaultYes
Op/con/eng access levelYes
Buzzer On/OffYes
Proportional speed ctrlYes
Iris controlYes
Focus – near/far/autoYes
Remote gain/lift/resetYes
Auto – 180°Yes
White BalanceYes
Home – preset, tour, mimicYes
Cam remote power resetYes
Cam factory resetYes
Dig zoom – enable/disableYes
Privacy zone settingYes
Col/mono change overYes
Freeze presetsYes
Fast shutterYes
Protocols360 Vision
Weight2.9 Kg
Shipping wight incl PSU3.4 Kg
Power Supply (inc)12Vdc
Dimensions (mm)366W x 51H x 142D
Shipping Dimensions540W x 100H x 220 D
Operating Temp/Humidity5 to 40°C/0% to 90%
Approval/CertificationCE approval
DVR TypesN/AAvalon, Avalon +Avalon, Avalon +
Power Supply/Consumption12Vdc PSU included, <2.5W12Vdc PSU included, <2.5W12Vdc PSU included, <2.5W
Weight/Shipping weight1.8Kg incl PSU/2.8Kg incl PSU1.8Kg incl PSU/2.8Kg incl PSU1.8Kg incl PSU/2.8Kg incl PSU
Dims/Shipping dims297W x 111H x 230Dmm/ 400W x 170H x 280D297W x 111H x 230Dmm/ 400W x 170H x 280D297W x 111H x 230Dmm/ 400W x 170H x 280D
Operating Temp/Humidity5 to 40°C / 0 – 90%5 to 40°C / 0 – 90%5 to 40°C / 0 – 90%
Approval/CertificationCE approvalCE approvalCE approval