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Bosch Dinion XF IP Dual Chip Static Camera

Bosch Dual Chip Static

Key features:

  • Advanced Day/Night camera with mechanically switching IR filter
  • 15-bit DSP technology with XF-dynamic extended the dynamic range
  • DVD-quality up to 25/30 IPS at 4CIF
  • Storage efficient tri-streaming: Dual MPEG-4 & JPEG simultaneously
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af compliant)
  • Hybrid IP camera with analogue and Ethernet outputs
  • Ultra-compact size

The NWC-0495 Dinion IP is a high-performance 1/3-inch CCD Day/Night network camera, designed to ensure the highest possible image quality at all times. This ultra-compact camera provides DVD-like quality MPEG-4 video at up to 25 and 30 images per second (for PAL and NTSC respectively). Dinion IP is a true hybrid camera with both Ethernet and BNC connections capable of providing direct network connection while simultaneously supporting existing analog equipment. Network video signals are sent over IP networks and can be received and displayed on a PC web browser using the DiBos or VIDOS video management systems, or via a BOSCH Video over IP (BVIP) decoder for viewing on a CVBS or VGA monitor. The BNC connection provides direct input to a conventional analog matrix Switcher or DVR, which further enhances Dinion IP’s flexible viewing and recording options.

The camera combines 15-bit digital video processing (which enhances sensitivity) and XF-Dynamic (which extends the dynamic range) to provide a sharper, more detailed image with outstanding accuracy in color reproduction. Depending on the available light, the NWC-0495 automatically switches from color to monochrome, enhancing sensitivity for IR illumination to provide high-quality images even in challenging low-light conditions.

Dinion IP uses MPEG-4 compression, bandwidth throttling, and multicasting capabilities to efficiently manage bandwidth and storage requirements while delivering the best image quality and resolution. On-screen Displays (OSD) simplify back focus adjustment and network configuration, leading to lower installation and support costs. Power over Ethernet (PoE) makes installation easier and more cost-effective because cameras can now be installed where there is no AC power outlet.


In Day/Night Mode, the NWC-0495 provides enhanced night viewing by increasing the IR sensitivity. The IR filter can switch automatically from colour to monochrome by either sensing the illumination level or via the alarm input. The filter can be switched manually via the alarm input, or remotely via a web browser. An internal, through-the-lens IR detector enhances monochrome mode stability by preventing the camera returning to the colour mode when IR illumination is dominant.
The highly accurate 15-bit digital signal is automatically processed to optimally capture the detail in both the high and low light areas of the scene simultaneously, maximizing the information visible in the picture.


The built-in video motion detector allows you to select up to four fully programmable areas with individual thresholds. The global scene change detector minimizes false alarms caused by sudden changes in lighting conditions, such as switching on or off the security lighting.


The Dinion MPEG-4 encoder creates high-quality streaming video at low bit rates, minimizing bandwidth and storage requirements, which further reduce costs. Each Dinion IP camera can deliver up to 25 and 30 images per second (PAL and NTSC) at true 4CIF video resolution.


Dinion IP cameras can generate two separate MPEG 4 video streams and one JPEG stream simultaneously. This advanced tri-streaming capability, not typically found in other IP CCTV systems, enables the user to tune live viewing and recording requirements to meet specific site and enterprise needs. For example, BOSCH video over IP Systems (BVIP) can be configured to record video at one quality setting (e.g 3.75 IPS at 2CIF), while simultaneously providing live images at the best possible image quality (eg 30 Ips at 4 CIF). Alternatively, the system can be configured to deliver a high bandwidth MPEG 4 stream to a local LAN user, while simultaneously streaming a low bandwidth MPEG 4 stream to a remote user over a WAN connection and at the same time using the JPEG stream for remote viewing, for instance, on a PDA.


Three power options, PoE, 24 VAC and 12 VDC, are available on the NWC-0495. Utilizing PoE makes installation easier and more cost-effective since cameras do not require a local AC power source. Additionally, they can use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which will allow for continuous operation even when there’s a power failure e.g in emergencies.


Network parameters and basic camera set-up (e.g lens set-up and back focus) are quickly and easily performed using the on-screen displays (OSD) and BNC composite video output. Unlike other IP cameras, no network connection, PC configuration utilities or other tools are required to set up Dinion IP.

The Lens Wizard automatically detects the lens type and helps focus the lens at the maximum opening to ensure proper focus is maintained throughout the 24-hour cycle. No special tools or filters are required.


Video StandardsMPEG-4; M-JPEG
Video Data Rate9.6 Kbps – 6 Mbps Constant & variable
Imager resolution752×582 (PAL), 768×494 (NTSC)
Video resolution704 x 576/480 (4CIF: 25/30 IPS)
704 x 288/240 (2CIF: 25/30 IPS)
352 x 576/480 (Half D1: 25/30 IPS)
352 x 288/240 (CIF: 25/30 IPS)
176 x 144/120 (QCIF: 25/30 IPS)
GOP StructureI, IP
Overall Delay (IP)MPEG-4: 100 ms
Select. Frame Rate1-25/30 IPS (PAL/NTSC); Field / frame based coding
Network ProtocolsRTP, Telnet, UDP, TCP, IP, HTTP, IGMP, ICMP
Software UpdateFlash ROM, remote programmable
ConfigurationVia web browser, built-in web server interfaces
Video out1x Analog composite: NTSC or PAL; BNC connector 75 Ohm
Sensitivity0.59 lux (0.059 fc) (color), 0.08 lux (0.008 fc) (Night mode)
Min Illumination0.24 lux (0.024 fc) (color), 0.038 lux (0.0038 fc) (Night mode)
Min Illumination with SensUp0.024 lux (0.0024 fc) (color), 0.0038 lux (0.00038 fc) (Night mode)
ShutterAuto (1/60 (1/50) to 1/500000), fixed, flickerless, default
Sensitivity upOff, Automatic continuous up to 10x
Auto BlackOn, Off selectable
Range32x dynamic range enhancement
Dynamic Noise ReductionAuto, Off selectable
ContourSharpness enhancement level selectable
BLCOff, Area and Level selectable
GainAuto (maximum level selectable to 28 dB) or fixed level selectable
Lens MountCS (max lens protrusion 5 mm, 0.2 inch)
White BalanceATW (2500 – 10000 K), AWB hold, Manual WB selectable
VMD4 area, sensitivity selectable
Alarm In+5 V nominal, +40 VDC max
Relay Outmax. 30 VAC or +40 VDC, Max 0,5 A continuous, 10 VA
Ethernet10/100 Base-T, auto-sensing, half/full duplex, RJ-45
Input VoltageVDC: 11-36 V (700 mA)
VAC: 12-28 V (700 Ma)
PoE: IEEE 802.3af compliant
Power ConsumptionMax. 8 VA
WeightApprox. 0.45 kg (0.99 lb)
Operating Temperature0°C – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)