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360 Vision Intelli Predator

360 Vision Technology has a well-deserved reputation for outstanding product research and development. Their team of team of highly experienced software, hardware and mechanical engineers have consistently innovated and developed unique products for the security industry.

360 Vision Technology has introduced a new camera the Intelli Predator.

The Predator range of cameras is well established with a reputation for reliable performance and rugged styling. The Intelli Predator combines the fluid PTZ movement of the Predator range with intelligent, on-board Analytics, making it an ideal solution for combating crime on un-manned and remote sites.

At the heart of the Intelli Predator is a highly intelligent analytic engine, which provides the following key features:

  • ‘Click To Track’ – While viewing the images from Predator (Analogue or Thermal), locally or remotely, by simply clicking on the object that you wish to track the Intelli Predator will dynamically follow that object – using both the zoom capability and the pan & tilt movement
  • ‘AutoTrack’ – allows for an object type, to be defined, along with direction and the intelli Predator will pick up the object and dynamically follow it. At the same time, a physical output can trigger an external alarm notification

The Intelli Predator also offers sophisticated analytics such as colour recognition, spped detection, object counting and crowd analysis. This makes the Intelli Predator one of the most sophisticated PTZ cameras available.

When used with a White Light Predator, the Intelli Predator can trigger the White Light for any  movement generated by a person, but it is clever enough to stay in Infra Red mode when it detects a vehicle.

The Intelli Predator analytic engine works with the analogue Predator; this means it can also be retrofitted to an already installed Predator.