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Avalon Open Vision IP DVR

Avalon OpenVision IP


Up to 400 images/secondThe Avalon OpenVision IP systems records at speeds of up to 400 (32/16 channel), 200 (16/8 channel) and 100 (4 channel) images per second (IPS) allocated across the DVR’s channels. Event activations will automatically switch the relevant video channel into Real Time, 25 IPS recording (CIF resolution) on both analogue and IP inputs (IP requires CODEC uprate stream).
Dynamic MPEG4 hardware compressionThe fully automated Main Profile MPEG4 adaptive technology compression algorithm reacts to external conditions or fluctuating bandwidth restrictions to deliver optimum image quality and resolution at all times.
Small image file size/extended recording timesThe MPEG4 compression generates image file sizes of 4Kb for CIF quality and 15Kb for D1 quality video. Small file sizes extend recording times and increase image file transmission speeds (video file size will vary in size).
High-quality recording modesThe MPEG4 compression hardware ensures high-quality images from CIF to 4CIF (D1) resolution.
Motion detectionThe dynamic, leading-edge motion detection is configurable on each channel.
Visual searchEasy to use, fast search options give access to all recorded video.
Remote viewing and management softwareFlexible software options, Remote Manager, Web Browser, NxMS and IP Finder are available with options to view live or recorded images with audio, access Avalon OpenVision IP functionality and control PTZ dome cameras over a TCP/IP connection.
User managementControl of access to cameras, functions and bandwidth is allocated per user.
DSP video and audio recordingThe onboard DSP compression chips allow for the storage of more than one month of high-quality video and audio recordings reducing HDD costs. The embedded hardware architecture, operating system and firewall ensure high-security levels within the DVR.
USB 2.0 portA USB port enables an image to download and highly compatible archiving.

Advanced Features

PC Access and Remote Control

The Avalon OpenVision IP can be accessed via an inbuilt network connection and controlled using the following software options:

  • Remote Manager for live viewing, playback and PTZ camera control of an Avalon OpenVision unit. NxMS, for full control of all of the functionality of multiple Avalon OpenVision IP DVRMS’s.
  • Web Browser, for the remote access and control of Avalon Vision IP DVRMS’s from a laptop or PC running the Microsoft Windows platform.
SPECIFICATIONAvalon OpenVision hybridAvalon OpenVision NVR
VisionScan ii Options & Features8ch IP Maximum
Video Inputs8,16,32ch8,16ch16ch
Signal formatPAL or NTSC selectableIP via Network/CodecIP via Network/Codec
Audio channel444
Spot monitor output1Via PCVia PC
Audio channels – bi-directional111
Alarm inputs – optoisolated1616 via IP16 via IP
Aux outputs – open collector8Via IPVia IP
Operator interfaceVGAVGAVGA
Internal storageup to 3Tbup to 3Tbup to 3Tb
Raid5 archive – hot swapYYY
Recording speed400ips CIF, 200 2CIF, 100 D1400ips CIF,200 CIF,100 D1 (16ch)400 ips CIF/2CIF/D1
Resolution PAL / NTSC360×288/360×240 CIF
720×576/720×480 D1
360×288/360×240 CIF
720×576/720×480 D1
720×576/720×480 D1
360×288/360×240 CIF
720×288 / 720×240 2CIF
Recording speed per cameraFrom 1 to 25/30 IPSFrom 1 to 25/30 IPSFrom 1 to 25/30 IPS
Recording compressionMPEG4 main profileMPEG4 main profileMPEG4 main profile
Trans. CompressionMPEG4 main profile-adaptiveMPEG4 main profile-adaptiveMPEG4 main profile-adaptive
Ethernet ports10/100Mbit10/100Mbit10/100Mbit
USB 2.0 portYYY
Serial interfaceRS232
Keyboard / mouse portUSBUSBUSB
Operating systemXP embeddedXP embeddedXP embedded
Processor speed3Ghz3Ghz3Ghz
Unit/shipping weight20.0 Kg
Operating temp5 ~ 50ºC
Operating humidity8% to 90% non condensing
Power supply110/220 VCA+/- 10%
Power consumption450W