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DM Sprite DV IP


The New Dedicated Micros DV-IP Server* is a high-performance hybrid DVR designed for professional surveillance applications. The DV-IP Server provides MultiMode recording in either JPEG or MPEG MPEG format from up to 16 analogue or IP cameras (including DM CamVu products and 3rd party IP cameras).

Key features:

  • 8, 12 and 16 channel models
  • MultiMode Recording – Dynamically-switchable resolution, record-rate & compression (MPEG4/JPEG) per camera
  • TransCoding provides low bit rate, remote replay viewing of high quality recorded images
  • Compatible with external SATA storage devices
  • Built in DVD-R writer and USB ports for archiving evidential material
  • Local user operation with a selection of control options, including telemetry keyboard, USB mouse or remote control
  • IP Streaming & Recording
  • Analytics Capable – enables analytics solutions to be deployed on your CCTV system
  • Enhanced User features to greatly improve the operator experience
  • Colour Coded Menus give a context-sensitive menu structure for the user
  • Common User Interface when accessed locally at the unit or remotely via a web browser
  • Video Timeline allows the rapid search of captured video on screen graphical maps presented on the local monitors screen
  • Point & Go telemetry provides the user with easy to use, fast, accurate, on-screen telemetry control via an attached monitor
  • ePTZ on any attached camera
  • Deep camera integration with Oracle dome
  • BS8418 Compliant

The DV-IP Server contains a whole host of new features, such as Point&Go, designed to improve and enhance the operators’ experience of using a CCTV system. Aside from Point & Go other released features on the DV-IP Server include:

  • Camera Selection Maps – Use bespoke graphical maps presented on your local monitor to navigate around your CCTV installation
  • Colour Coded Menus – A unique colour-coded, soft key menu structure and onscreen GUI makes navigating menus simple and intuitive
  • Video Timeline – Control your playback video in incremental steps of seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks. Ideal for the rapid search of captured video.
  • Absolute Positioning – Use the Absolute Positioning capability of an Oracle Dome and the on-screen Camera Selection Maps to select and move cameras to any area of the site in one mouse click.
  • Electronic PTZ (ePTZ) – Even on static analogue cameras users can zoom in and move around a scene, using Dedicated Micros Electronic PTZ ePTZ) feature.

DV-IP Server is AnalyticsCapable meaning that Analytics software licenses are available to provide advanced Video solutions for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Valuable object protection and tripwire detection, to name a few of the possible solutions available.