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March Networks Analytics

March Networks offers a portfolio of video analytics. Their video content analysis software detects and tracks a wide range of events captured in real-time. The system generates alerts to allow the rapid assessment of potential incidents.

March Networks video analytics do not require a special camera as they can be installed on March Networks standard resolution IP cameras, encoders or hybrid NVRs and operate in tandem with Command VMS or Visual Intelligence software. This offers a flexible solution as the video analytics can be installed on existing IP or analogue surveillance systems.

March Networks Video Analytics includes:

  • Area Obstruction – When a scene is blocked for longer than a defined period
  • Occupancy Detection – The number of people in scene exceeds set figure
  • Perimeter Detection – A person or object crosses a defined boundary
  • Queue Length Monitoring – When a queue exceeds a specified length
  • Left Object detection – When an object of a pre-defined size remains for longer than a set time
  • Facial Detection – A clear facial image is detected within a camera field of view

March Networks video analytics can be used to enhance security and operational activities for a wide range of industry sectors, including financial institutions, retailers, transport and logistic companies.