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Avalon H


The Avalon H Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a cost-effective, high performance DVR incorporating the latest H.264 video compression technology for increased storage and smoother video transmission. It uses Embedded Linux for increased security and faster-dedicated control. The Avalon H is available in three models, namely the 4, 8 or 16 camera versions. It provides an overall frame rate of 200 Images Per Second (Cif) and each camera can be individually configured. There are various record mode options, such as Continuous, Scheduled, Motion and Sensor etc. and this DVR can support up to 4TB of internal storage. There are various live viewing options which are single camera, 4, 9 or 16 camera split screen or picture in picture.

It has a user-friendly icon and menu based front screen which provides for easy user control. It can be networked for local or remote Internet access and utilising the H.264 technology can deliver smooth CCTV images even across low bandwidth connections. Connection to the DVR over a network can be achieved using an Internet Explorer web browser, Avalon H standard software (this provides the ability to view live, search for, playback or copy CCTV footage), Avalon H professional software (same features as the standard software but also provides the ability to receive alarms from the DVR) or via iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile applications. The Avalon H can be monitored by a professional monitoring station. Individual user access to the Avalon H can be set up allowing users to connect and perform authorised functions. The Avalon H also incorporates four audio in channels, single audio out the channel and 4, 8 or 16 alarm in an auxiliary out channels. It also has a built-in DVD writer and USB 2.0 socket.

Key Features

  • 4,8 or 16 way DVR
  • Networkable
  • H.264
  • UP to 4TB Storage
  • Icon/Menu based User Interface
  • Various recording options
  • Various display options
  • Watermarked footage
  • Individual camera setup
  • Alarm inputs
  • Alarm activations to a professional alarm receiving centre

Identification Help

  • Black DVR
  • Orange numbers run along the front at the top
  • The round wheel on the right-hand side
  • CD/DVD try on the left-hand side
  • Red hard drive light flashes, if solid red hard drive light then DVR is an Avalon T