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360 Vision Thermal

360 Vision Technology has a well-deserved reputation for outstanding product research and development. Their team of highly experienced software, hardware and mechanical engineers have consistently innovated and developed unique products for the security industry.

The Predator range of cameras is well established with a reputation for reliable performance and rugged styling. These cameras are certified to IP68 making them suitable for the harshest of environments.

The Thermal Predator offers an innovative night vision capability with its patent-pending dual Infra Red and White light capability.

The Thermal Predator cameras offer a range of lenses of up to 35mm giving the ability of human detection at distances of up to 1 km.

The latest Thermal Predator TC range offers a new range of lens options up to 100mm, this increases the distance for human detection to 2.5 km!

Rarely seen in conventional PTZ CCTV cameras, the Thermal Predator TC range offers long range enhanced thermal technology for use with perimeter protection systems, fence detection, Border control as well as providing detailed High Definition video to Analytic Systems.