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Analogue CCTV

There is no doubt that an IP CCTV system will give a much higher resolution picture with better detail than a standard analogue system. There are still thousands of analogue CCTV cameras installed across the country and while many businesses are choosing to upgrade to IP CCTV there might still be a role for analogue CCTV for your business.

Analogue cameras can also be incorporated into ‘hybrid’ solutions. A hybrid CCTV system can record both analogue and IP cameras on the same recorder. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) will convert the incoming video signal from the cameras to digital, compress it and then record images to a hard drive. We will advise you on the range Digital Recording and Connectivity options to meet your security system requirements.

We are highly experienced in both IP and analogue CCTV and as an independent company, we will provide expert unbiased advice on the systems that will best meet all of your operational cost requirements.