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Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection

Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) is an advanced feature which has been carefully designed to expose events that may have been missed by the human eye. The AI technology behind the feature is able to continuously study what certain types of activity in a scene looks like and then proceeds to flag any unusual motion. The feature doesn’t require any pre-defined rules or setup.

A benefit of having this capability is that it allows operators to examine large amounts of video recordings faster, due to the fact that UMD focuses their attention on the uncommon activity which may need further investigation, which reduces the number of hours to minutes.

Avigilon’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now available in Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) 6 on the following camera models:

  • H4 Bullet
  • H4 Box
  • H4 Dome
  • H4 Mini Dome
  • H4 SL line

How Does Unusual Motion Detection Work?


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