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White-Light Solutions

White-Light optimises Colour Cameras performance and can still achieve accurate colour at night. It can also act as a visible deterrent to deter intruders by working in conjunction with movement detection devices. It has low running cost and zero maintenance.

Traditionally CCTV lighting has been provided by mains driven bulbs. Although some bulbs are more efficient than others the future of all lighting lies with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Compared to any bulb, LED’s provide significant savings on electrical consumption.

Megapixel cameras record brightness on a per-pixel basis so the greater the amount of pixels the smaller surface area each pixel has available to capture light. The end result is that the greater the resolution the less sensitive the camera.

IP CCTV cameras offer a number of advantages including higher resolution, wider angle images, and the ability to digitally zoom images. However, they are by nature less sensitive than standard CCD cameras meaning they require additional lighting to achieve high quality images at night.