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March Networks VideoSphere Video Mangement System

The VideoSphere Video Management System (VMS) is a high performance server software that runs on industry-standard host and storage platforms. It enables organizations to deploy all IP or hybrid IP/analog video networks that are open, distributed, fully scalable and return significant infrastructure and administrative cost savings.

Key features:
  1. Supports HD quality video
  2. Provides enterprise-class video and audio recording, storage, retrieval and mangement
  3. Distributed architecture supports multiple storage servers and is fully scalable
  4. Captures IP video streams directly from the network
  5. Supports up to 256 IP and/or analog cameras per server
  6. Supports H.264 and MPEG4 compression technologies to ensure high bandwidth and storage efficiency
  7. Works in tandem with powerful VideoSphere SiteManager desktop application software
  8. Speeds video access with a range of searchable alarm types
  9. Ensures video availability through SD cards and shadow archiving
VideoSphere Video Mangement System
A cornerstone of the VideoSphere portfolio, VMS is ideal for medium to large scale surveillance applications. It allows organisations to stream high-quality, high frame rate video from up to 256 IP or analog cameras per server directly onto an IP LAN or WAN, archive that data on fault tolerant storage arrays, in either centralised or NAS configurations. Multiple host and storage servers can be clustered to support installations numbering thousands of cameras. VMS supports both H.264 and MPEG4 video compression to ensure the highly efficient use of network bandwidth and storage capacity. This helps eliminate the need to operate separate video networks and reduces total cost of ownership through the convergence of both infra structure and administrative resources.
Multiple fixed and PTZ IP cameras are supported by VMS, including VideoSphere high definition IP cameras. VideoSphere Edge encoders also allow existing or new analog cameras to continue to play a key role in a hybrid video infrastructure, preserving current camera investments. In addition, the Edge encodes advanced multi-sector recording functionality allows video from any analog camera to be recorded simultaneously at different frame rates and resolutions for live and longer recording purposes. An innovative family of March Networks video analytics² adds system intelligence to the process of detecting, classifying and tracking suspicious activity captured in the surveillance video. From camera tampering or perimeter breaches to lengthy line ups, staff can be automatically alerted to significant incidents and can respond more immediately and effectively. Alarms triggered by switch contacts, events such as motion detection, and data from sources such as ATM or POS transactions, are also supported by the VMS.
VideoSphere SiteManager is the desktop application software used to configure and exploit the power of VMS from any where on the corporate network. It allows administrators to quickly commission each server following software installation and includes an auto-detect feature that recognizes, enables and assigns IP addresses and video storage space to all networked VideoSphere cameras and encoders. An innovative shadow archiving feature ensures convenient remote access to video recorded by VideoSphere MegaPX cameras with integrated SD cards. Following a network outage, for example, video recorded on the memory cards is automatically identified by the VMS and can be accessed easily via SiteManager.
Enhanced user access controls are available through SiteManager's optional Enterprise Service Manager (ESM) application. The ESM allows administrators to group devices by function, geography or customer hierarchy for efficient user permission creation and management. The access controls can be easily integrated with existing IT user authentication systems (e.g. Windows Active Directory) if desired. Administrators can also use the ESM to monitor and maintain the health of entire VMS infrastructure including servers, cameras and encoders. Alternatively they can outsource their system health management to March Networks 24/7 NOC for highly skilled, proactive support.

VideoSphere VMS

  1. Windows 2008 Server OS
  2. 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor or Faster
  3. 2.0 GB RAM or greater
  4. 150 MB hard-drive space for VMS software (video/audio archiving separate)
  1. Video and audio transported over wired and wireless IP networks
  2. User authentication and video encryption for maximum network security
  3. Remote access via broadband networks
  1. Distributed architecture supports multiple storage servers and is fully scalable
  2. Includes automated fail over capability
  3. Recording options include scheduled time/data, on event/motion, and analytic alert
  4. Video tagged to optimize search efficiency based on data/time, event, motion or analytic data
  5. Shadow archiving for standalone or redundant recording
  1. Full range of PTZ camera control protocols
  2. Software Development Kit (SDK) available to integrate video management with third party applications