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HD Pro Camera

HD Pro cameras cover vast areas in large detail, making them ideal for stadiums, ports and critical infrastructure.

The HD Pro cameras are available from 4K to 7K resolution, covering distances from 82ft (25.1m) to 184ft (56m) in HD.

By using the HD Pro cameras, it will reduce the number of cameras needed to cover vast areas of your premises.

Key Features

  • Progressive scan CMOS sensor (6-7K)
  • Self-learning video analytics (4-5K)
  • Patented advanced video pattern detection and teach by example technology (4-5K)
  • Up to 12 Images per second (4-5K) Up to 8 Images per second (6-7K)
  • H.264 and motion JPEG Compression
  • 70dB true dynamic range
  • SD Card slot for on board storage support
  • Compatible with a wide selection of EF mount lenses
  • Power over Ethernet, 24 VAC or 12 VDC power input
  • External I/O and RS-485 interface