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HD Bullet Cameras

Avigilon’s HD Bullet cameras are available from 1MP to 4K ultra resolutions, they are the ideal solution for seeing objects and monitoring activity in complete darkness. Unique adaptive IR technology automatically adjusts the IR beam width and illumination levels to ensure consistent lighting, regardless of scene conditions, to provide unparalleled image detail.

Embedded with self-learning video analytics, the HD Bullet cameras are designed to integrate seamlessly with Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) and third-party Video Management Software (VMS). This provides object detection and classification capabilities.

Key Features

  • 1.5 Megapixel and 4K Ultra HD (8MP) resolution
  • Patented Advanced Video Pattern Detection and Teach by Example Technology
  • Self-learning video analytics
  • Patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) Technology
  • Available with 3-9 mm F1.3, 4.3-8 mmF1.8, or 9-22 mm F1.6 P-Iris lens with remote focus and zoom
  • Wifi camera configuration support
  • Avigilon LightCatcher technology provides exceptional image quality in low light environments
  • Integrated IR (Infrared) LEDs provide uniform illumination in the dark, even at 0 lux, up to maximum of 70m (230 ft) away
  • Triple Exposure Ultra Wide Dynamic Range
  • Zoom and content adaptive IR provides effective illumination throughout zoom positions, while maintaining the best scene illumination
  • Factory pre-configured image preset modes for maximum image performance in variety of lighting conditions
  • Idle Scene Mode lowers bandwidth and storage usage if there are no motion events detected in the scene
  • ONVIF compliant with version 2.2.0 of the Analytics Service Specification
  • Vandal resistant construction and IP66 compliant
  • Full Feature of High Framerate camera operating modes (4K Ultra HD model)